Sunday, December 23, 2007

Chuck Norris Sues Over Fact Book!?!

Chuck Norris the man I know from Walker Texas Ranger, but many of you may know of him from his many other TV shows, and movies, The Delta Force. Or perhaps his highly commercialized work out machine "The Total Gym" commercial, you may have seem him working out with his wife. This is a true American Celebrity, has been through out the 70s, 80s, and 90s, and now that he is trying to be taken seriously politically by backing Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, he wishes to be taken seriously. He is suing the creator of the book "The Truth About Chuck Norris: 400 facts about the World's Greatest Human" Now I am not so sure, but What The Hell Is Up His Ass?

If a publisher ever released a book titled I am the World's Greatest Human, no way I would be upset, or ever Sue the creator. That should be taken as a compliment, not as you thinking that people will actually take these facts seriously. EVERYONE knows who you are, you are KICK ASS! YOU ARE a GREAT IDOL of kids, teens, and adults all around the world to strive to want to kick as much as in their lives as you have. And yet you dis-regard your name, and turn into a little winy baby and feel the need to sue these creators of this hysterical book?

Why not do something smart, and team up with the publishers, and help sell the book, for a small share in your pocket of course, after all your name is in the title, you do deserver some of the profits. But after helping them sell, why not get some more Movie Deals, and be the star of some more kick ass movies? Every kid I know highly respects your name, and knows that you are the perfect definition of what every man in America wants to be at some point or another in their lives.

Check out Chuck Norris Facts

There are a couple thousand different Chuck Norris Fact Jokes here, they change every 15 seconds.

As for Chuck Norris I'd say stop bitching and to quote a "fact"
Chuck Fact #688
The Nile flows north because Chuck Norris told it to.

Chuck Fact #1721
Part of the reason Chuck Norris can kick so many people in the face before they block it is because his shadow holds them by the balls.

Chuck Fact #331
Chuck Norris had sex with your mom, and your dad gave him a high five.

Your the man, so stop being a pussy!

Routers - Chuck Norris sues, says his tears no cancer cure

Monday, December 17, 2007

Muttontown Slave Family Convicted

Today the Slave owning family from Muttontown has been convinced of slavery!

Convincted Today!

The million dollar family of wealthy Long Islanders have been convicted today of enslaving two Indonesian women for nearly 5 years. The two culprits are Varsha Sabhnani and Mahender Sabhnani, from what I have heard though Varsha did most of the abuse to these two innocent women. They found them in Indonesia, captured them, and figured no one would no the difference if two people went missing...but guess what, they did, and they are going to get exactly what they deserve, years and years behind bars!

They were thought of as humble perfume moguls with a millionaire company, they had everything they could ever want, why would they subject some one to such slavery, and barbarian tourture? What would make some one have no feelings for a fellow human being? What would make them want to hurt some one for years, no food, no showers, just torturing them.

The reason I am blogging about them is that I went to school with this very wealthy family. They lived on the North Side of town, and I was on the other side of the tracks. But for whatever reason at one point in elementary school I was actually friends with their daughter, I will leave her name out, but I'm sure it is all over the internet already. She was a nice person, but I would never think her family would do something like this.

I was in shock to hear about this because I knew where they came from, and where they lived, and the cars they drove. What would make a millionaire do this to another human being? The answer is that they must be really sick in the head to think that this is ok. They must have had a crazy up-raising, or maybe they are just completely so inaptly in touch with any sort of compassion through years of sociological abuse from America, that they figured no one would really give a shit.

Well they are WRONG! America may not always be the nicest, or coolest, or warmest place to live, but we sure do know that SLAVERY IS WRONG! Slavery was abolished during the Civil War, if they wanted slave they missed it by about 300 years. Abraham Lincoln stopped slavery, and freed all the slaves so that they can be equal citizens in this great land of ours, where we deem all people with RIGHTS, and RESPONSIBILITIES to treat others civilly.

Clearly these people did not pay attention during history, and are clearly insane and I think they should be locked away forever, before they flee the country, since they are Millionaire's. That I think is the next move for the Sabhnani family, time to go back to Indonesia, or wherever they are from.

Stupid, stupid, stupid, rich people...

Thursday, December 13, 2007

First snow in New York, Long Island

What a beautiful winter day the leaves have all but fallen and Jack
Frost has shown his ice cold grin. Smiling down upon us he sprinkles us
with tiny white snow particles glistening in the sky as they slowly
drift down to earth. Covering us with a white blanket of slush.
Sent from Long Island, New York

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Is it kismet?

What are the chances that two wrist watches purchased at unknown times,
years ago would stop at nearly the same day, nearly the same time.
Coincidence? I think not. My girlfriend and my wrist watches both
stopped working this week, is this a message from above trying to tell
me that we are meant to be together forever? Or that our time is up? Or
have the galaxies and stars all come in perfect alighnment and
everything is working according to the master plan? I suppose time will
tell...wonder what the future holds for life and the loved ones
surrounding me.
Sent from the stopped wrist watches

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Witches Brew Take 2

Try to go on Monday walking to the place as an employee yells at us
"We're closed on mondays!" thanks, not!

So fail once gotta try, try again:
All I have to say is WOW, try to go out to get a nice cup of coffee and
maybe some desert with some good friends and that doesn't seem to be
possible in todays day and age.

Between the unorganized demonic witch like halloween eerie aura that
filled the coffee shop they call witches brew, and the welcomed company
of good willed friends. We entered the witches brew but we had no idea
what we were getting our selves into.

Enter to two black drapes on each side of the entrance doorway walk
through them to be blinded by red lights glowing eerily through out the
establishment. Walk cautiously to the hostess dressed with a frohawk and
black sweat pants and comfortable clothes. He sits us by the door in a
couch and two arm chair seats with a coffee table as our table, how

We begin by reviewing the selection of items available for purchase on
the menu, and what a wide varied selection of drinks they have. I have
never seen such an assortment of options I was overwhelmed and purplexed
by the sheer number of drinks presented in front of me.

The waiter approached us stating Ready to order? Everyone else was ready
except me I was still trying to read through the drink menu, I asked if
these are alchoholic drinks he responded no, now I am just dumbfounded.
They have atleast 100 different drink options non alchoholic, what a

I say ok Imma just point some where randomly on the menu and get
whatever my finger lands on, pointing, pointing, pointing, and stop! Ok
so it will be a frozen cappuchino latte with whip and a toasted
marshmellow flavor shot, MMMmmm delicios!

The drinks arrive rather quickly, we start to down our delicious
assortment of brownie deserts and icecream. I realize that it would have
been a better idea to get a hot drink considering it is 20 degrees out
and I'm drinking ground ice, so smart of me!

We are all shocked when a black homeless women sits directly out our
window in front of the shop, followed by an angry yelling drunk black
homeless man. Who is yelling profanities at the women who just sits
there and attempts to ignore him, my girl friend is starring at him and
states I love watching people get madd, bet she wouldn't like it if it
was her getting yelled at.

To our even further surprise the homeless man enters witches brew in his
raggedy stained and ripped clothes with his cotton black old hat. He
stares at us and removes his hat and smiles with a toothless grin states
you guys like to make a donation? My friend starts acting as if he is
mentally challenged and starts talking slow and incoherent worse than
the old homeless man. To which upsets the old man who curses out my
friend and walks away in disgust, I suppose he thought he was making fun
of him, when he was acting stupid. The homeless man soon left after
asking money from some other customers and walked into the streets with
his women by his side.

What a world we live in today, I wonder what would make that old
homeless man happy, perhaps being seen as a homeless man is exactly what
makes him happy, what do you think?
Sent from the Witches Brew in New York

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Witches Brew

Me: what should we do tonight babe?
Her: everyone wants to goto witches brew, you ever been there?
Me: no what is it?
Her: its a coffee house with a bunch of freaks I'm sure you'll like it
Me: ok sure...

Everyone comes to my place we bull shit for a little bit and then decide
to take the long haul to witches brew. Dan drives down hempstead
turnpike, keep going the girls say as we drive for what seems to be an

Dan: where the hell is this place?
Them: where almost there keep goin, ok.
Dan: no problem just tell me when
Them: just keep going you'll see it

Drive another 10 minutes and then they say:
Oh shit I think we passed it, did we pass it? Yeah we definently passed
it, turn around dan!
Turn around drive more until we hear, no you passed it again! Turn
Where the hell is this place?
Its right there, pointing up the road to a big Witches sign
Dan passes it one more time for good luck and we turn around and park in
the back.
We all walk up to the main door only to be greeted with "we aren't open
on mondays!"
Fun fun diddly winks ;-)
Sent from my lunch break

Sunday, December 2, 2007

300 Bowling Ally

Friday night what better thing to do then go bowling with some old and
new friends. My old college friend dave visited from NYC in the 5 or 6
years I've been friends with him he had never taken a trip out to LI.
Guess there is a first time for everything right?
So all 10 of us went to the bowling ally. Started off with a shot and
sat down watched some tv with dave. While unknown to me my gfs ex bf is
walking right in front of me. And grills me but I didn't even realize it
was him. Oh well we did not run into him again and just went bowling.
Dave and I are the only ones that actualled bowled and we played 5
dollars a game. So I won 10 dollars thanks dave! After that went back to
my crib drank a little more and passed da fuck out.

Yeah bowling ally fun!
from 300

Friday, November 30, 2007

Attack of the Killer Rooster


Decided to go for a walk at Hoyt Farm in Commack today and stumbled upon
some roosters walking around, but I quickly realized that as much as I
was interested in the red headed guaking creature it was much more
interested at eating my McDonalds french fries in my pocket. The
creature jumped at me squaking with its head bobbing up and down and
started yelling ka-ka-doodle-do with truimphant echo as it ran at me. I
quickly threw the remainder of my fries at him and ran for the hills!

Gotta watch out when roosters attack!
from hoyt farm

The Cup

The cup off sunrise highway in wantaugh chillin with my homies having a
cup of coffee loving life and living it up the only way I know how
chillin w my friends and bullshitting if u hear me shout no diggity no
doubt ya heard??
Sent from the cup
Sent from my T-Mobile Sidekick®

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sunset in a Hidden Place

Every now and again we all need to relax and find our own little place
to sit and comprehend the days events. Just sit back and watch the sun
set over the horizon as thoughts, actions, consequences, decisions, and
life all run through my brain. I come here to calm my self and enjoy
what little is left on this cool november day.
from da hidden spot

Walk in the Park

You ever just walk around a park aimlessy on a beautiful day in november
when the leaves are all changing yellow and red or all the trees have
already shed their leaves for the winter. This is exactly what I did
today on my lunch break and I think that it made my day just a little
nicer. Try it some time I guarentee it will put a smile on your face and
maybe even a tear in your eye from all the wind, not from the shear
majestic beauty of the atmosphere all around and really truly embracing
all of the your outer surroundings.
from da park

Friday, November 23, 2007

Turkey Day

Turkey Day oh Turkey Day,
What a glorious day it was in deed.

Wake up in the morning to discussions of:
Her: You seriously don't have to come if you don't want to.
Me: But I do want to come, baby why are you saying this?
Her: You're such an asshole I don't know why I am still with you!
Me: Baby please calm down, it will be a good day.
Her: Fuck you OK, Fuck You, don't talk to me, seriously!
Me: Honey, shmokumns, poo bear, sexy, I was just kidding around, please relax?
Her: OK I will relax, but if anything goes wrong today I'm going to kill you.
Me: Sounds good to me, as long as there's no pressure. ;-)

First stop is my folks place. Met at the door by my hurting dad, who recently under went surgery. We sat around watched some Animal Planet on TV, not usual Thanksgiving Football, but we aren't your average family either. Watched some Black Bears jump tree to tree and hang up side down on clothing lines, which my father found particularly hilarious and couldn't control his laughter from this hysterical site.

We sat at dinner with my ma, pa, little brother, and me and my girlfriend. What a wonderful feast, but before we dig in a little thanks for the bountiful feast before our eyes, and soon to be consumed into our stomachs. I bore through all the food like a hog during meal time, and sat gleefully with mashed potatoes all over my mouth, as my girlfriend laughed at me copiously.

After dinner, we went over to her Grandma's place, greeted by her Uncles and brother and sisters. We all hung out a little bit, ate some dinner, then went to watch some TV. I got a text message from some one, my girlfriend rips the cell phone out of my hand:
Her: You have to be fucking kidding me! What the hell is this?
Me: What? What are you talking about babe?
Her: Why the fuck did your ex-girlfriend text you happy thanksgiving?
Me: Oh I don't know baby, you know I don't talk to her any more.
Her: You are such a lying piece of shi-T.
Me: Babe you have to trust me you know I wouldn't do that to you.
Her: Leave, just leave right now, please just go.
Me: I'm not leaving, come on can you stop and relax please?
Her: No, this is horrible!
Me: Listen, you know I don't talk to her any more I promise 100% swear to god, stick a needle in my eye, and if I lie before I wake, then pray the lord my soul to take.
Her: Do you mean that?
Me: Yes baby of course.
Her: OK, I love you!
Me: Love you two honey. :-)

Gotta love thanksgiving. Oh and HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Women Are Our Equals?

In the comments for the "Are we going to see the movie?" a facetious dialog between a loving boyfriend and girlfriend. I asked the question am I the dick? Referring to the BF character as my self, I received a perfidious comment from a reader that referred to my sub-title "How can happiness be attained in such a world where women have equal rights" and specifically assumed that I am in fact a dick not only because of the facetious dialog but also because of my controversial sub-title.

Are women in fact equal in todays world? Over the past hundred years women have fought and won for equal rights in every sphere of life. They are now able to vote in elections, they can run as an electee as well, Hilary Clinton. (Great family moral values for young American girls to inherit, just accept that your husband gets blow jobs from interns) They can receive high paying difficult jobs, and be featured on Time as America's whistle blowers. (Good job finding those clerical errors and destroying thousands of people's income and way of life) They can go to college and get degrees and sleep with there professors. (College Girl: "I am just trying to find myself" {in my professor's bed}) They can work as an intern for the President of the USA and give him fellacio on a regular basis. (wish I was President, long shot though) They can choose from any walk of life the way that they wish to shape their lives, and try to figure out who they can screw along the way, and that is all well and fine, but they still are by no means equal to men.

Men and women have many differences for example differences that society bestows upon men and women to act and treat each other differently, a hot girl can get away with murder, while a hot guy would get the chair. Women have gained all the equal rights to men, and they still expect the man to hold the door open for them, the man to pay for their dinner and movie, the man to drive them every where, the man to take care of them, the man to hold them, the man to put them to sleep, the man to tell them everything will be OK. Even though they have all the same opportunities a man has, they still except to be treated like a princess, and are treated so, and if they are not treated like a princess well then you have no respect for women, and are just an asshole. Well I have nothing but the utmost respect for women, but I do think that it is a joke to think that we are equal in any shape or form.

For those of you unaware, men stand when they piss. Women sit on the toilet. This difference may seem slight and unnoticeable but at large it is a huge drastic importance of their own life style. Women may work their whole life so hard, get through college, get that great job, get their own place, and then for what? Women were created on this earth for one reason, it is between their legs. They are meant to have babies, and help their loved ones through life. Now I ask you how is a women to give up all the years of hard work in college, and years of working to have babies? It just seems so plain, so boring, and yet it is the most beautiful and enriching part of life. Nothing that a women works for, no amount of $ can equal the joy a women feels when they have a baby come to life in front of them.

When they have this little boy or girl to hold, to care for, to love, to be there for, to raise, to nurture, and to be there for their entire lives. After that little miracle of life that came out of your body, you are seriously going to be that irresponsible and negligible to state that you are not going to take care of this baby for the rest of your life? This baby is a part of you, it came out of your body, and now you are going to hand it to the baby sitter and go off to work all happy go lucky? You are selfish my dear, you are avoiding responsibility, you are sharing the burden of creating and raising this baby with people that most definitely do not care about it as much as you love that baby. How could you just dump it to some stranger you interviewed and has a bull shit resume? Turns out they are a coke head and rob all your jewelry, and does not watch the baby at all, great decision there, good thing they have nanny cams now a days.

So what exactly about men and women is equal? We are equal in that we both love to be happy. We are equal in that we are both capable of being intelligent, well rounded, nice human beings, that are willing to care and love each other for all eternity. We are equal in that women have received equal rights in society, but besides the feeling of equality and wishing that it could all be so simple. When looked at this equation intelligently the only logical conclusion is that men and women are not equal.

What do you guys think, I miss any thing? Or I am still just a dick?

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Dedicated To My Baby

Love You Honey

Are we going to see the movie?

Her - Are we going to see the movie?
Me - Yes of course we are going to see the movie.
Her - OK, well it starts soon, so can we like go already?
Me - Babe, we have 30 minutes before the movie starts can you chill?
Her - No, YOU ALWAYS Do This to me! I want to go now, what is your problem?
Me - Nothing please just give me a second, I just have to do this, one thing...
Her - NO! What the fuck! I want to GOO!
Me - Can you shut the fuck up and chill the fuck out?
Her - OK good bye! Don't talk to me any more! Asshole!
Me - Baby please don't go, I'm sorry! You know I love you!
Her - Goodbye, seriously loose my fucking number...I just don't understand why you have to treat me like this?
Me - OK so you want to go to the movie now?
Her - Can we?
Me - OK in 5 minutes.

Any one relate? Or am I just the dick?

Monday, November 19, 2007

Best Weekend Ever...

What a weekend it was a weekend filled with usual mischief and nothing completely our of the ordinary, me driving around while every one tells me what they want to do, and I figure out ways to make every one happy. If only it was so easy to really make every one happy, I'll give you a hint, it's impossible to make every one happy, if someone doesn't disagree with it then they are lying.

Friday night we were supposed to go to a party, then dizzy lizards, then another party after dizzy lizards although as we began drinking at my place Desire and I started our usual routine of nit-picking and destroy any sort of confidence or ego the other feels they have established from becoming incoherent from the booze, but doesn't effect us, we know we are just kidding. :-)

So people start coming over Leeanne, Kevin, and Kevin's friend, let's just call him Big Black. This guy that I don't know comes in to my place, and low and behold disrespects my place, disrespects my girl, and disrespects me. He grabbed a beer from my fridge, he was hitting on my girl friend, and talking trash. A perfect combination for me to bug the fuck out, but I kept my cool, I went along with him staring at my girl friends tits, and leaning over her. While drinking my beer, letting him play with my remote control car, and talking trash that he's gonna rob my place, with just kidding mannerisms. Although in his defense it was his birthday, and his friend Kevin seemed like he was less than interested in really celebrating, guess that's life.

Finally got them to go to Leeanne's friend's party, and then it was me and Desiree again. Just as they leave we both turn to each other and say in unison, "I don't want to go now." Haha, guess that is how the cookie crumbles. We were going to wait for Dan and Pete, but Desiree and I know Dan and Pete and they both did not want to have any part of a party or a bar that night. So we drank more and got picked up by them, and ended up going to Plainview Shopping center, Dunking Donuts. Dan and I were going to see Beowolf in 3-d at Broadway mall, but Desiree didn't want to, in fact she was going to get picked up by Erica and some guy so I am like no, WTF! So we hung out with Erica, and one of her girl friends, and this guy that was a gay black guy. He was very quite the whole time.

We all went to a party at Gasbarg's house with a bunch of our friends. They were all drinking, playing beer pong, hanging out, but it was like 20 dudes, and my girlfriend and Erica. You can guess what happened, my girlfriend getting grilled by 10 guys, and Erica flirting with them. So we quickly left after that, fuck that noise, weirdest part was that the gay black guy wouldn't even come into the party, he probably would have liked 20+ young guys, but who knows. So we left and quickly went home after then to bed, with my Dee.

Saturday I tried to hook up my two best friends with some pun tang, but they were moderately to immoderately successful. Night started with Dee and I hanging out at my place with Heather and Dayna, two of Desiree's friends from high school. Heather happens to have a crush on Pete, and Dayna has hooked up with Dan twice before. So they all come to my house, drink a beer, then we decided to goto the bowling ally 300, which happens to be the coolest bowling ally I've been to on Long Island. Although idiot me, I forget my wallet at home because I changed jackets last second. I was able to drink two thanks to Dee, and we even played a game of bowling. Then we all went back to my apartment and Dan and Dayna got close and comfy, but Pete and Heather...not so close or comfy. Pete may have been too intoxicated to step up his game face and make some strong moves in Heather's direction. Instead he was hysterical one second, then like passed out the next. Then my land lady called me because we were making too much noise, so every one left shortly after, and went to bed.

Sunday I drove around all day with Desiree and Dan shopping for computers, figuring out if or what kind of computer I should or should not get for Christmas. We checked out Micro Center, and found all different types of computers, Macs, Laptops, Desktops. I am planning on either buying a cheap laptop, or/and fixing up my computer now with a gig or 512 MB of ram and possibly a new monitor. The best part of Microcenter was that they had the new Asus EEE PC that I mentioned in one of the blogs below, it was really cool. Very very small monitor though, it is a 7 inch display, but there are two huge speakers on each side. The screen is the size of two iPhone screens, but the OS (operating system) was fast, but lame. It is just a few tabs of different applications they have a wide selelection, and it runs good, plus it's a laptop for $400 which is pretty good. Walmart has that $200 desktop that I am looking into purchasing as well, but not 100% sure.

After computer shopping all day, we went to see a movie with Regina, Dan, and Leeanne. We saw Dan in Real Life, GREAT MOVIE! We all really enjoyed it, and some parts are out right, laugh out-loud funny. It was one of the best, if not the best movie that I have seen all year. Best movie I have seen since Little Miss Sunshine, which Steve Carell is really good in as well. After that we hung out with Erica and her boyfriend Taylor, got some dunkin' donuts and finally went home to bed.

As you can see nothing out of the ordinary, just a regular weekend with my friends. Hanging out, dunkin' donuts, movies, parties, bars, clubs, drinking, good times all around. Even though there may have been a few times that I pissed Desiree off, but shit happens right? What do you guys think of this situation. Sunday after we saw the movie we were chilling in the parking lot at Dunkin' Donuts at Plainview shopping center, and Regina and Leeanne are sitting in there car right next to Desiree, Dan, and I in my car. I tell Desiree that I want to talk to Dan for a few minutes, could you go inside to Dunkin' Donuts and we'll meet you there, or just go in to your friends car and talk to them. She blows up, gives me a huge attitude, what the fuck you telling me to get out of your car for?!? I'm like baby, I just want to talk to Dan for a minute is that too much to ask for? She responds with NO! Then 180ing her initial response as to not look like a complete idiot, which accomplishes it any way, Fine! But I am never talking to you again! You are so fucking retarded Kyle, I don't even know why I am with you, Bye! I am like wowww, talk about an overreaction, but her only reaction is an overreaction, so I get used to it. Dan and I bull shit over nothing specific, just give him some advice on a girl, and then we meet them inside.

Dan and I go inside and are met with 3 girls grilling us with their little evil eyes, we say Hi..awkwardly, Desiree says to me I should fucking smack you right now, they said I shouldn't be with you, and that they would never put up with some one like you (me), and I'm leaving and that don't talk to me any more. She yells at me as she walks out of the door with her two friends smiling. Dan and I just keep on walking like nothing happened, look at each like, OKkkk...and continue to the register to get a latte and a donut.

We come out of the dunkin' donuts and they are gone, Dan and I get in my car like...shit, guess I fucked up. Oh well, we drive a little then spot them we pull up next to them and I try to say to Desiree, what are you doing? I saw it 3 times, and she hardly even makes eye contact with me, so I am like ok whatever. I drive away like fuck her, and her fucking friends, (her and her friends are going to be mad at me when they read this huh?) drive around the shopping center, make a you turn, head back to where they were and they are gone. So I'm like fuck, GREAT! Now they are really gone, what the fuck am I going to do now. So I step on the gas and peel out of the shopping center, then I realize they are behind me the whole time, and Desiree is calling me. I pull over quickly, and Desiree hops in my car all pissed off, telling me how her friends hate me now, and that I am a really big ass hole. To my reaction, what did I do?

So let me ask you guys am I an asshole? Is it wrong to ask you girl friend to get out of the car to talk to your boy about helping him with some girl shit? What do you think world?

Thursday, November 15, 2007

McDonalds = Happiness

Let me just start by saying I LOVE MCDONALDS! This stuff really should
be illegal its so delicious and not nutritiuos its just absolutely
insiduous how ridiculously good it is.

I decided to take after my older brother and take a picture of my lunch,
haha check out his site : As you can probably see
from the picture I decided to get McDonalds for lunch today. McDonalds
has become a staple in american diets even though it is probably the
cause of most heart attacks, nothing like fried french fries. MMMM I
wish I could eat hot french fries for every meal and have no
consequences; heart burn, stomach aches, nausiousness, clogged arteries,
and heart attacks alike.

My question today is does food make people happy? Well lets see, you
look forward to lunch all morning, almost dreaming about those hot fries
and deep fried crispy chicken sandwich awhh just makes my mouth water.
Well creating a mental plan of what you will be doing an carrying out
the plan as thought out will usually make people happy right? Even if it
is at the cost of living along healthy life, but who wants to live a
long healthy life? You know they say tomorrow is not promised today.
Tell me what you think?

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Happiness is it Attainable?

Is happiness really attainable? That is not an easy question to answer, I suppose we would have to start with figuring out and understand what makes some one happy, and what makes one person happy is not always the same thing that will make some one else happy. In fact every one is different in what they believe will make them happy, love, money, power, respect, family, friends, attaining all of these are what life is all about, correct? What is the point of life if we eliminate the goal of life, how we do get to that special place where we finally are satisfied with everything that we have achieved in our lives, and we can look back and be proud of our selves.

I remember when I was younger I always thought that if only I was older then I would be so happy. If only I had my own place I would be so happy. If only I had a girl friend, a good job, a car, money, good friends, a lot of great times with good people, then I would finally be happy and satisfied with my life. Although it seems to occur in the opposite manner, the more that I get the more that I want. The more things I see people have, the more I want those new cool things. The more people I meet, the more I learn about them, the more I can gain some form of understanding as to what is the point of it all? Are we here for a reason, besides to help our selves? Are we here to help each other learn, grow, live, prosper, and gain some superficial form of happiness, through material gainings? Would I be a good person if I went o Africa to help build houses and do missionary/charity work? Is helping people be more like us really helping them at all? Are we all that happy?

I wonder some times how to gain happiness, and to me it has always been simple. Write down what you want to achieve in a day, and go about doing those things. That is how my mom taught me to live my life. I remember waking up Saturday or Sunday morning and finding a nice choir list waiting my brother and I on the kitchen table, and my parents being out for the day, enjoying life. So we had to clean the bathrooms, mop the kitchen, vacuum the living room, and all the bed rooms, and mow the lawn and whatever else she felt like putting on there. She always told me that no one would ever give me anything for free in life, man was she ever right, but I still love being nice and giving people things for free. I still work as hard as possible, and spend all my money on others, well maybe not all on others, haha.

Is happiness coming home to a clean house with two nice, respectful, obedient, well groomed, good natured brothers to help bring in the groceries? I suppose to some that just may be it, but to me happiness is making others happy before your self, and not worrying if the person has the common good nature to return the favor in a reasonable time frame with out any notice or constantly nagging the person for the favor.

Either way I was looking through some cheap PCs and I found this EEE PC that is a $300 laptop that is really nice! I am thinking about getting one, but not sure if it is right for me. The OLPC program has just released it's laptop, it looks pretty cool too, and if you buy one then one also gets purchased for an unfortunate child in Africa.

That's all for today, check out my Poll, it will be available until the New Year!

What makes you happy?

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Love My Girl

I don't know if any of you have ever truly been in love before, but I know that my girlfriend and I truly love each other with all of our hearts and soul. Love means so much to me in my life, I never felt much love from my mother growing up so I always wanted to have a real women that loves me by my side, and I finally have found her. Desiree, she is the true love of my life. She always knows just what to say and when to say it, she is always there for me, and always know how to make me happy. She makes me feel like a million bucks every day that we are together, and I pray for a million more days with her by my side.

I said have any of you ever been in love? This is not some hot, steamy, crazy, eye passion, ripping clothes off, squeaking bed, parents walking in on, getting kicked out of house, naked type of love. No our love was different, was pure and equal, kind, very loyal, strong, profound, unconditional, powerful, romantic, sweet, cute, kind, passionate, loving, flirtatious, long lasting, ever lasting, and pure, love. We met randomly and knew that we were made for each other from the start. We hardly fight, and she is the nicest girl I have ever met in my entire life. No one has ever treated me the way she does, and I don't think any one has ever treated her quite the way I do.

This weekend we went Ice Skating on Friday night with her friends, little drunk. We got into a minor argument in the car because we were drunk that resulted in her throwing my cell at my balls, and me yelling at her, and then her kicking in one of my air vents on the now one is that point I told her to get out of the car...but she stayed in and we worked it out...that's usually how it went with us. We both love each other so much and know exactly what the other wants, even when we are not told what the other wants, but we are mind readers, we can actually read each others mind, hence we understand each other perfectly, and you can never really be mad at someone that you we went ice skating. :-)

Saturday night we hung out at John's house, where we had actually slept the night before because of getting really drunk and wasted, and getting completely bugged the fuck out by some Chris Cobb imitator (big Syosset loser) except with really long hair, and bug eyes, and would stair at you and talk through you. Weird guy. So Saturday we chilled and ate Dominoes at John's, where Dee (Desiree, GF) decided to pull up my pants because my butt crack was showing, but instead of pulling up my pants, pulled up my boxers, ripped them, and pretty much gave me a wedgie...but I love her through and through...haha. Gotta have a sense of humor I figure about these things, only live once, gotta make the most of it.

You guys have a sense of humor about it?

Sunday, November 11, 2007

My First Blog


My first entry, in my first blog, on my first site. I suppose I could tell you a little bit about my self at this point in life I feel that anything is possible. I have the world in the palm of my hands and all I have to do is reach out and grab anything that I want. Anything is attainable and anything is possible. Hi, I am a middle-class Long Island New Yorker, born and raised in Syosset, NY. Graduated from college from the State University at Albany, New York. I currently reside in Nassau Long Island and work in Suffolk Long Island. I am a QA Analyst / SEO Specialist, I work with computers all day and all night. I wouldn't say that I am the best with computers, but I would say that I am computer savvy. I recently moved out of my house and am living in a little studio apartment trying to make due in a highly competitive world in one of the most competitive markets in the world. The future of our lives, revolves around the internet and it's ever growing presence. That gives you an idea about me, but the reason I am starting this blog is to try and ascertain that life long quest of attaning true happiness, and figuring out and understanding what makes people and my self happy.

This is a life long quest that some may never reach, I think that happiness is simply a state of mind, and that state of mind is the focal point of my blog.