Thursday, December 6, 2007

Witches Brew Take 2

Try to go on Monday walking to the place as an employee yells at us
"We're closed on mondays!" thanks, not!

So fail once gotta try, try again:
All I have to say is WOW, try to go out to get a nice cup of coffee and
maybe some desert with some good friends and that doesn't seem to be
possible in todays day and age.

Between the unorganized demonic witch like halloween eerie aura that
filled the coffee shop they call witches brew, and the welcomed company
of good willed friends. We entered the witches brew but we had no idea
what we were getting our selves into.

Enter to two black drapes on each side of the entrance doorway walk
through them to be blinded by red lights glowing eerily through out the
establishment. Walk cautiously to the hostess dressed with a frohawk and
black sweat pants and comfortable clothes. He sits us by the door in a
couch and two arm chair seats with a coffee table as our table, how

We begin by reviewing the selection of items available for purchase on
the menu, and what a wide varied selection of drinks they have. I have
never seen such an assortment of options I was overwhelmed and purplexed
by the sheer number of drinks presented in front of me.

The waiter approached us stating Ready to order? Everyone else was ready
except me I was still trying to read through the drink menu, I asked if
these are alchoholic drinks he responded no, now I am just dumbfounded.
They have atleast 100 different drink options non alchoholic, what a

I say ok Imma just point some where randomly on the menu and get
whatever my finger lands on, pointing, pointing, pointing, and stop! Ok
so it will be a frozen cappuchino latte with whip and a toasted
marshmellow flavor shot, MMMmmm delicios!

The drinks arrive rather quickly, we start to down our delicious
assortment of brownie deserts and icecream. I realize that it would have
been a better idea to get a hot drink considering it is 20 degrees out
and I'm drinking ground ice, so smart of me!

We are all shocked when a black homeless women sits directly out our
window in front of the shop, followed by an angry yelling drunk black
homeless man. Who is yelling profanities at the women who just sits
there and attempts to ignore him, my girl friend is starring at him and
states I love watching people get madd, bet she wouldn't like it if it
was her getting yelled at.

To our even further surprise the homeless man enters witches brew in his
raggedy stained and ripped clothes with his cotton black old hat. He
stares at us and removes his hat and smiles with a toothless grin states
you guys like to make a donation? My friend starts acting as if he is
mentally challenged and starts talking slow and incoherent worse than
the old homeless man. To which upsets the old man who curses out my
friend and walks away in disgust, I suppose he thought he was making fun
of him, when he was acting stupid. The homeless man soon left after
asking money from some other customers and walked into the streets with
his women by his side.

What a world we live in today, I wonder what would make that old
homeless man happy, perhaps being seen as a homeless man is exactly what
makes him happy, what do you think?
Sent from the Witches Brew in New York

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