Monday, September 29, 2008

Bethpage State Park Pictures


Just took a walk through the woods at Bethpage State Park and wanted to show all of the pictures with you guys!


That's all folks, hope you enjoyed 'em!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Sands Point Long Island - "East Egg" in "The Great Gatsby"

I recently had the pleasure of driving over to Sands Point for my birthday, took a bunch of Great photos, and want to share them with all of you!


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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It is 1 Hour to my 24th Birthday!

I am happy to annouce that I am officially nearly 30 minutes to being 24 years what an oustanding 24 years it has been, years of working, living, loving, and being free and happy. Life is quite the marevelous gift and lets not take it for granted, I just wanted to share with all of you this hystericla video I found online.


all i can sa is:

Friday, September 19, 2008

Burn After Reading - Movie Review

Just got back from watching Burn After Reading starring George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Frances McDormand, and John Malkovich. These four actors really made the movie quiet a spectacular masterpiece of sarcastic, witty, comical, hysterical at times, political, and social satire of American life. I really LOVED this movie, but I think I was the only one in the theatre laughing, or maybe I am the only one that got the jokes.

Spoiler Warning: (read on for beginning plot details, no big spoilers here)
Like how absolutely ridiculous it is for Frances McDormand's character to go through such trials and tribulations only to achieve what she wants, plastic surgery, and does not see any problem with putting her, friends, and her self in danger just so she can have the "perfect" body. How fucking AMERICAN IS THAT! Selfish indulgences, ignoring work practices, going online and meeting guys and sleeping with them, as long as they make conversation...sad, just sad. When she could have everything she ever wants in her own "backyard" with her boss, who has a huge crush on her! But she ignores his advances, and he doesn't make it clear he wants to take her out for a date, so these two get into a mess, that involves not only the CIA, Russian Embassy, and starring the small minded "dork" brilliantly played by John Malkovich.

All in all this was an outstanding smart, funny, witty comedy, if you liked any of the Ocean Eleven series then you will love this film. George Clooney and Brad Pitt make this movie come alive with there perfectly timed punch lines, hilarious dialog, and strong acting prowess.

A must see for any fans of Clooney or Pitt.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

AIG (American International Group) Crisis, Failure and Savior

For those of you that have had your head in a whole for the past 6 months, you should very well know that our country is in trouble! We are headed into a economic depression, and it is all due to the fact that we placed too much $$ into our Real Estate industry. Once our real estates started to crash, gas went way up, banks started closing, and the American way of life slowly started to disintegrate, right before our very eyes! All of the major Hedge Fund, 401K, and companies that control MILLIONS of people's money, are all going belly up! This is BAD!

This is bad for many reasons:
1. Loosing more and more jobs in American, un-employment is up to a staggering 6.1%!

2. All of the money that we have in our 401k's and trust funds can potentially be lost in the closing of these companies.

3. People are not trusting these companies, and taking ALL of there money out of the hands of these idiots! So they don't loose there money!

I am worried too, I have a 401k and other savings accounts, and I have already lost over a thousand dollars based on my portfolio choices. I choose 10 companies when I started my 401k to "diversify my portfolio" well I guess it wasn't divers enough! Because I am STILL LOSING MONEY! Stupid economy taking all my money...I would love to just pull all of my money out of there, but I can not, since it is a 401k, so I get fined like 10% of it if I want to pull it out...THANKS!

So I have just stopped putting alot of money into the account, I only put in 1-2% of my check, so that I am still buying shares at a very low cost, in hopes that one day when the economy does go back up, AND IT WILL! Then I will be making thousands of dollars off all of the shares I am buying now at such LOW prices...right? I don't know, I think that is how it works...

Either way do not pull out your money folks, the world is not coming to an end, we are still the most powerful, and money rich country in the world, and will continue to do so for at least another 100 years! So no worries!

Do you all think that we are in trouble? Will this cause a Great Depression? Like in the 20's.

5 Reasons that AIG Failed
Closing AIG Would be Catastrophic to the World Economy
AIG Gets Lifeline from the Tax Payer, YOU! (if you are an American)


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Governors Comedy Club - Susie Essman

Hey All,

Just got back from Governors Comedy Club in Levittown on Division Ave. What a GREAT place that is! I did not realize we had such a great, classic, "Seinfeld" intro type of comedy club right in my very own back yard, but then again there is probably plenty of hidden treasures on Long Island to find. Well let me tell you about our night at the comedy club.

My girlfriend and I went to this comedy club and we were meeting her Mom, and her Nan's (grandma's) friends as well. My girlfriend works late so we arrived nearly an hour late, and only caught the second half of Susie Essman's show, but holy shit was it funny! She kept talking about sex, and how she likes chubby guys, and making fun of every one in the crowd, she even called this big fat guy, "YOU FAT FUCK!" It was hysterical! And a very cool memory to actually see Susie Essman, who is a classic on Curb Your Enthusaism, Larry David's comedy masterpiece!

Check out Curb Your Enthusiasm, if you haven't heard of it, it's only on HBO, but it is a truley the funniest show since Seinfeld. If you are a Seinfeld fan you MUST SEE Curb!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

US Presidential Tool-ections of 2008: Obama vs. McCain

Hey All,

I was just looking through one of my favorite blogs - The Big Picture Blog from they take amazing pictures of world events, and if that was astounding enough, they update the blog with new posts 3 times a week! Great blog!

Any way I was looking at this post about The 2008 Political Conventions of the United States and I have not exactly been paying attention to the elections, but I am aware of the gist of it, yes I do open the paper or read Internet news at least once a week. I know Hillary "Mass Murderer" Clinton and Barrack"Naive" Obama (Hillary said it..) had a big opening President Elect stand-off that nearly tarnished both of there "good" names to try and get to be the Democratic Presidential Elect, and have a chance to become President of the USA.

Either way after reviewing all of the facts, and just watching the campaign unravel a little pain in my stomach keeps coming up whenever I think of voting for any of these tools. It makes me want to vomit just thinking about actually wasting my time caring about what either of these political monkeys has to say about the way they are going change how America works! All I have to say to these lie-iticians is:
  • Shut the fuck up! We all know that none of you are going to change SHIT!
  • Who gives a flying fuck what you have to say it is all bull shit!
  • This is a fucking nation wide popularity contest, see who gets voted best based on biased facts.
  • We only know exactly what they want us to know, they control there image to match there marketing research as to what Americans want in a leader.
  • They tell you what you want to hear! DO NOT BELIEVE THE HYPE!
This should come to no surprise though, as I am sure most of you have had this thought at least once in your life when you were watching any of these cronies drone on about some topic they don't understand, and are clearly talking out of there ass. What am I doing watching these idiots try and tell the fairy tale that we all are looking for: 
  • Global Health Insurance, that will be the day! 
  • Pull out of Iraq, Save our Troops! It'll never happen, we still have troops in Germany and Japan! They are just called Army or Naval Bases..
  • Abortion is wrong! Let woman choose! Babies get born, not your call...
  • Save the World, Go Green! Prepare for Global Warming! - Who cares? It will not change! We are already FUCKED! 
  • Honestly...the world is hurling through space at thousands of miles per an hour, and we manage to live, can't we just be happy that we wake up in the morning? 3d Rendering of the End of the Planet (Asteroid Style)
This may offend some of you but I honestly could give a rats ass about all of this shit, and you may wonder, but don't you care about the world, don't you want to make the world a better place? And YES! YES, I do want to make the world a better place, but I do not think that we are headed in that direction AT ALL! I think we are headed in the direction of selfishness rule through the idiocracy of the past greatest nation of the world. Now filled with fools, buying promises for a vote, to have a say, in a world that simply does not care, means nothing.

YOUR VOTE IS MEANINGLESS! And I will gladly tell you WHY:

1. Votes don't count! It is all about the "Electoral College" that pertains to a certain # of votes each state gets based on the population of that state. This is the most ludicrous system in the world! Each vote should count the same amount, in other words, the data of the votes that are counted is SKEWED! If my vote counted the same as one vote here, or in any other state then MAYBE I would vote, if there was such a thing as an honest popularity contest, BUT THERE IS NOT!! - WE MUST REMOVE THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE...then I might vote.

2. The machines are FIXED! We all saw it in the previous two elections, both times was a close race and based on those machines and "miss-counts" by the official counters, they counted on the machines to count correctly, and they did not, and they in the end were fixed! I will let you guess who fixed the machines? Oh right, THE FUCKIN' GUY 1/2 THE USA VOTED FOR! - Politicians fix the votes...need a new voting system, HACK-PROOF! -

3. Democratic Foolishness vs. Republican Aggressiveness, it makes me sick to know that we are the only Democratic Country in the World that does not allow more than 2 Parties to be taken seriously in a Presidential Campaign. If you do not fit in the pre-set guide lines of being a "Democrat" or a "Republican" then you are not wanted! This is the most foolish and arbitrate system I have ever heard of, how can you have an election with ONLY 2 Candidates? There are definitely at least 3 point of views on EVERY issue, and yet they choose to ignore any other views on there issues...

4. Bottom line, neither side is good. Both of these men are at best evil, because by human nature all of mankind is a selfish, egotistical, maniacal being, that only really cares about one thing..getting ahead of the other guy. What could be better than getting voted in to be the ruler of the free world? Who wouldn't want that job? Plus they make 20 Million Each just from the Political Conventions...from Big Photo Blog:

"Each of the two major parties gets nearly $20,000,000 (Yes 20 million dollars EACH!) of taxpayer money to put on these shows. That is in addition to the $80+ million each party gets to push their candidate..."

"Who Really Owns These Candidates?

In 2007 I reviewed Daniel Estulin's True Story of the Bildergerg Groupan expose of that group and two related monster organizations of the ruling elite, the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission. With control of central banks, discount rates, interest rates and gold prices, the core members of these organizations, Estulin demonstrates, have set out to loot the planet-and they are doing just that. The current mortgage crisis and ensuing global economic meltdown, as I stated in my review, is due to the stupendous success of the Big Three's strategy for planetary economic hegemony as the cacophony of their carefully engineered global economic cataclysm reverberates across America and around the world. It was never about home buyers who didn't read the fine print when taking out liar loans. It was always about silver-tongued, ruling elite politicians and financial systems which ultimately and skillfully stole and continue to steal governments from people and replace them with transnational corporations. No, I'm not making that up. One of the explicit goals of the Bilderberg Group, the Council on Foreign Relations, and the Trilateral Commision is the ultimate dissolution of nation-states to be replaced by global corporate hegemony.

In addition to Estulin's excellent expose of the Bilderberg Group, I highly recommendTrilateralism: The Trilateral Commission and Elite Planning for World Management, edited by Holly Sklar (1980) An overview of the book may be read at theThird World Traveler website.

The Trilateral Task Force Report of 1977, "Toward A Renovated International System" states:

The public and leaders of most countries continue to live in a mental universe which no longer exists-a world of separate nations-and have great difficulties thinking in terms of global perspectives and interdependence." 

-Carolyn Baker - Celebrating Un-President's Day

It is absolutely atrocious the amount of funds these gentleman are rewarded for making a campaign to be the President of America. I believe the system is back words, I believe we need to find a strong willed, righteous ruler, that will bring the land of America to it's glory days once again!

If you didn't get it yet, I am not going to vote, and NEITHER should YOU! Don't vote! STRIKE! 

Let's have our own political rally, and change the system forever!

One Person Agrees

Two People Agree

One Person Disagrees? I think

What do you all think? is it just me?

More Sources of Inspiration to NOT VOTE!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Shinnecock Pow Wow in Southampton

For labor day weekend I took a trip to South Hampton (Southampton NY) to go to the 62nd annual Shinnecock Pow Wow!

"It's a celebration of Native people and of Shinnecock ancient history here on Long Island".

Read More About it Here

There was a lot to do and see at the Pow wow, there was more than 100 vendors from more than 60 tribes that were selling their wares, including native foods, art, crafts, jewelry, books, music CDs, beaded work and leather goods. Dancing and drumming competitions were going on throughout the day as well. The categories include the Eastern women's blanket dance, Eastern men's war dance, men's fancy dance, ladies' fancy shawl dance, grass dance and jingle dress dance. It was all very interesting and a very different site to see. This is held every year on labor day weekend in the Shinnecock preserves.

Here are some pictures from the event
(click on the images below for a larger view)

a shinnecock pow wow tribe dancing around the fireHere is a tribe dancing around the fire with numbers on them, around them are a few judges who judge each of them and after each tribe is done dancing they all get judged and placed. All their dances are preformed around a big fire pit! Its part of their tradition.

An upclose of an indian, Native American, at Shinnecock Pow WowAn upclose of an indian who just finished preforming walking around for people to take pictures of him!

The grand entry will step off daily in majestic form, led by the Shinnecock NationPart of the grand entry ceremony. The grand entry will step off daily in majestic form, led by the Shinnecock Nation's tribal leadership, trustee chairman Fred Bess and trustees Lance Gumbs and Gordell Wright. Flag bearers will carry the traditional eagle staff of the Shinnecock Nation, the Shinnecock flag and the U.S. flag, followed by tribal elders and dancers.

Indian costumes are made by them and they are all very colorfulIn action! What a beautiful costume! All of the Indian costumes are made by them and they are all very colorful and have A LOT of work done to them!

view of the stage they perform on, Shinnecock Pow Wow Southampton New YorkA full view of the stage they perform on! There was thousands of people there!

More Beautiful costumes!More Beautiful costumes!! This is at the end when they all came out on stage for the finale!

medicine creams and tinctures for pain reliefThis was one of the vendors they had there. I thought it was pretty cool! It's all medicine creams and tinctures for pain relief. Some were you rub cream on your back to fix your lower back pain, some were for stress relief, they also had liquid to smell and it relieved headaches and other things. This is what they believe helps pain, not medications and pills like we do!

handmade bow and arrow machine! He sat on it and carved wood to make bow and arrowsThere was also a man there that had a handmade bow and arrow machine! He sat on it and carved wood to make bow and arrows! This is the peice the Indians used back in the day to make the bow and arrows!

bow and arrows he had made on the machineHere are some of the bow and arrows he had made on the machine!

wooden sculpture, Shinnecock Pow Wow Southampton New YorkAnd heres a wooden sculpture he designed!!

The Eagle War Hawk Cries LoudThe Eagle War Hawk Cries Loud "Pow! Dance! Pow! Dance!"

This colorful outfitted dancer is from the new rave city Native American groupThis colorful outfitted dancer is from the new rave city Native American group, represent in.

Carrying the ancient blue fire torchCarrying the ancient blue fire torch, get the Cerosene!

Great picture of a church town clock in South HamptonGreat picture of a church town clock in South Hampton.

Some cool art work in the back of some stores in Southampton.Some cool art work in the back of some stores in Southampton.

Watch this video of some young dancers that are dancing around a fire!

All in all the Pow Wow was a great Day! I would recommend it to be something for anyone to see, for all ages! It's fun and interesting to see how different other cultures live, believe, and practice!