Friday, November 28, 2008

Death at Wal-Mart on Black Friday in Valley Stream Long Island

Hey All,

I was just reading my usual Yahoo's Most Popular News, as I do every day, and what do my eyes see before me, but another tragedy on Long Island. I was shocked and astonished yet AGAIN to see that we on Long Island have caused ANOTHER STUPID, Un-NECESSARY, RECKLESS, INCREDIBLY IDIOTIC Death..on Long Island.

I was shocked and astonished that this was the #1 Most Popular Story on Yahoo News. Long Islanders, why can't you learn common courtesy, why can't you allow others to walk in front of you, why can't you NOT KNOCK DOWN the EMPLOYEE TRYING TO OPEN THE Door for you to start your Insane 5am Shopping Spree!

I am just shocked and appalled to call my self a Long Islander today. We AS Long Islanders, have to make a change for the better. Respect Each Other! Be kind to each other! Especially in hard times, we have to accept that we are going through some hard times now, but this is just so idiotic and's really a shame.

I think the people who knocked down this employee, and STOMPED HIM OUT AS THEY RAN INTO THE STORE FOR GREAT DEALS should be DRAGGED OUT IN THE STREET AND SHOT! (Garfield Style) for those that don't know, that is a common Garfield Catch Phrase.

Either way these people should be brought to justice, and ARRESTED for Manslaughter, they may not have planned to kill him, obviously, but they did not help him either, and people continued to STOMP ALL OVER HIM...just terrible.

Click for the Full Story from Yahoo!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!


Just wanted to wish all of my readers and fans a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!

Donate to the Live and Let Live Humanitarian Organization and receive your FREE CUSTOM Peace sign Sticker!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Jogger Hit by SUV - Death Toll Climbs on Long Island


It has been a very rough October and November for Long Island. After hearing about the death of the wife killed by the husband things have not been the same. There have been numerous strange incidents every where I turn it seems. I turn on the TV and another person is dead, I speak with my mother and one of my little brother's friends got hit with a car, and his funeral was today...

The turn of events are staggering, look at the past month:

#1 - October 27th 2008
- Husband of Teacher Who Disappeared on Long Island Admits Murder
#2 - October 31st 2008 - Syosset: Teen hit by car on Halloween Dies
#3 - November 1st 2008 - 3rd N.Y. Husband Accused of Killing Wife This Week
#4 - November 6th 2008 - Husband and wife from Massapequa Park killed in Crash
#5 - November 7th 2008 - Impaired Driver Hits Joggers - Kills 1 from Huntington

It is disturbing to think about, what is driving these people to do such idiotic, and insane things!?!?!?!?

The Presidential Election?
The Failing Economy?
The Fact that Your House is Worth 1/2 it used to be?
That you will never be able to afford a house?
That you lost all of your 401k in the stock market?
That you feel like you got ripped off you are taking it out on your loved ones??

Stop it PEOPLE!!! What is wrong with the world now a days?? It is just MONEY! Who gives a flying FUCK ABOUT MONEY?!?!?!?!

We have to take control of our lives! We have to talk about problems we have with loved ones! We have to be able to function as a responsible, sensible, human, part of society!

Believe it or not, YOU ARE PART OF A SOCIETY!! And you can only make it better or worse.

Everything you say or do, getting mad and spreading hate, or being nice and spreading kindness. You control the out come of every one else's fate, be nice.

Lastly if you don't have a good heart remember the fact that: Karma is a bitch.

Hope you will learn some thing from this and watch for your fellow man.
Help each other in need, and be true to every one, family and friends foremost.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Long Island Murder - in my own backyard

This guy makes me sick to my stomach, and I am only writing about this because it needs to be told to my followers. This guy is a SICK and TWISTED individual!

October 26th, Sunday - This guy, William Walsh, was married for 3 years, him and his deceased wife were 29 years old. He came home from partying at Atlantic City for the weekend Sunday night, to his wife royally pissed off. She was yelling and screaming at him that he is a cheater, and he is using her, and she wants a divorce. This was simply too much for Will and he took action, he wrapped his hands around her throat and strangled her to death, on Sunday. Then he went to the laundromat and McDonalds, police records show his credit card was used.

October 27th, Monday - This sick twisted individual then decided to horribly make it seem as if his wife had simply left him, and devised a plan to get rid of the body, and resolve him from any guilt, IMPOSSIBLE! So he drove her car and put it on the side of the Seaford Oyster Bay Highway the 135, and deflated her cars tire, and left her bag, and made it look as if she had been abducted...idiot! He then called in the police and made public appeals to find his wife...what an ass hole!! He then has the audacity to use her cell phone and text him self saying I love you see you soon, or something to that degree.

October 28th, Tuesday - Police then found the body of his wife a few miles off of the highway in a forest a few miles from where the car was found. The police immediately suspected him and soon arrested him.

Read More:
Police: Husband strangled missing NY teacher

Monday, October 27, 2008

Anne Korin's Oil Solution - Save the World Today!

Every one that reads this post you must listen up and watch this video. If not the entire 7 videos, watch at least the first one to get the idea. We are 100% dependent on Foreign Oil, and there solutions are limited. The only REAL solution is to become more reliant on Ethanol and Alcohol to run your car, as opposed to relying 98% on oil!

We have to build all new cars to run on BOTH Oil and Ethanol. We need to build up our power grid to support many more new electric cars. We are giving our money to OPEC, the cartel (gang) that controls the oil industry. They are responsible for 911, and killing our troops in Iraq. They create many different forms of extreme religious sects that ALL hate Americans, and we are giving them our money? STOP THE MADNESS!!

We need to change, and stop being so reliant on Oil, or else the world as we know it; America as a strong sovereign nation will COLLAPSE into extreme poor. We will all feel the tight grip around our throats of the OPEC Oil Nations. We can not allow them to control all of the worlds money. They are responsible for the worlds Credit Crisis! They inflated the worth of all of our major companies, and bankrupt them via the Stock Market, just like what Vince Vaunge does to Ben Stiller in the end of Dodge Ball.

We can not allow these monsters to control our economy. US, Japan, China, India, we all have to stand up and fight against this nation, before they control ALL the worlds funds..

IF they do then we are all doomed, to live a life where we are all maddeningly poor, and can no longer achieve financial success in the world, because of OPEC and the big oil companies.

Watch Now - click the videos to the right, or click the link below:

How to Solve World Economy

Sunday, October 19, 2008

SNL vs. Presidential Debates

I saw both the Vice Presidential Debate and then the SNL Version of the Vice Presidential Debate, and then I also watched the 3rd Presidential Debate, and the SNL 3rd Presidential Debate, and I was just in tears laughing my ass off!!

Tina Fey does an amazing job as Palin, dead on! As for every one else, well I will leave that up to you guys. This is for any one that missed the debates or the SNL versions!


Vice Presidential Debate: (debate dialogue - transcript)

SNL Version of Vice Presidential Debate:

3rd Presidential Debate at Hofstra: (debate dialogue - transcript)

SNL Version of 3rd Presidential Debate:

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Third Presidential Debate at Hofstra Convinced Me To Vote!

After watching this heated debate I knew I had to stand up and make a difference in the world instead of sitting back and allowing my vote to go to waste. I decided to vote shortly after learning that only about 50% of Americans vote, and I decided I wanted to be one of them that make a difference, and are not scared to stand up for there rights and make a fuckin' decision!

So I am going to vote and I was not sure who to vote for, I had not seen any of the first presidential debate, and I only saw the highlights of the second debate, so I knew it would come down to the third presidential debate. And let it be it was going on in my own backyard, down the street at Hofstra University, where I have gone to bars, and hung out with friends. I thought it was quite inspiring to have the final debate literally a few blocks from my house.

I watched the debate live on CNN, and took mental notes of what the potential President of the United States was trying to communicate to every one. McCain was wondering, shit I am fucked in this, this guy is going to win and he's a terrorist! Obama is thinking I got this shit in the fuckin' bag! Done deal, McCain out, Obama in! Finally smashing the ceiling for all American African Americans, achieving the once impossible, of becoming the first African American President.

I wonder how many of us are ready for an African American President, well I am. After watching this final debate, it is clear that McCain does have some good points that I agree with, I just do not see him as a great President, and for Obama, I wish him the best of luck as the next President of the USA. I hope that he is able to deliver on all of his promises, and really will make a "Change" I hope he get's us and the world out of the economic crisis, is able to stop all wars in Iraq and Afganistan, and still keep the terrorists at this possible? Are we expecting too much? Nah, he's the president of the fuckin' USA, if he can't do it, who CAN?!?!

Obama and McCain, great debate gentlemen, glad we got everything cleared up with Obama not being a terrorist, and McCain having a massively irritating blinking issue when speaking, that makes him look like a cowardess retard. (Is that too much? I never know..) Other than that, good job gentlemen!

More Info:
Newsday Article
NYTimes Article

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Blood Manor Haunted House in New York City

Went to the Blood Manor Haunted House this weekend in New York City on West 27th Street.

Check out the pics of the scary "freak show" entertainment waiting on line outside:

Halloween Guy #1 - Scarring and Photo Ops the 2 Hour Line

Halloween Guy #2

Halloween Guy #3

Freak Show MC - Hanging a Tea Pot from his Lip Ring!

Scary MC with Hanging Tea Pot from his LIP!

Have a Buck? Staple it to this GUY! - (Just don't hit the spine)

This guy is crazy, he stapled a $100 bill to his ----

Check out the Freak Show they have more shows!

Lay on a Bed of Nails? Why Not? Let the MC Stand on it...that HURTS!!

This guy is hanging by his BACK SKIN!! EWWWW, Gross!

Crazy Clown House! 3-d Haunted House!!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Bethpage State Park Pictures


Just took a walk through the woods at Bethpage State Park and wanted to show all of the pictures with you guys!


That's all folks, hope you enjoyed 'em!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Sands Point Long Island - "East Egg" in "The Great Gatsby"

I recently had the pleasure of driving over to Sands Point for my birthday, took a bunch of Great photos, and want to share them with all of you!


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