Friday, November 28, 2008

Death at Wal-Mart on Black Friday in Valley Stream Long Island

Hey All,

I was just reading my usual Yahoo's Most Popular News, as I do every day, and what do my eyes see before me, but another tragedy on Long Island. I was shocked and astonished yet AGAIN to see that we on Long Island have caused ANOTHER STUPID, Un-NECESSARY, RECKLESS, INCREDIBLY IDIOTIC Death..on Long Island.

I was shocked and astonished that this was the #1 Most Popular Story on Yahoo News. Long Islanders, why can't you learn common courtesy, why can't you allow others to walk in front of you, why can't you NOT KNOCK DOWN the EMPLOYEE TRYING TO OPEN THE Door for you to start your Insane 5am Shopping Spree!

I am just shocked and appalled to call my self a Long Islander today. We AS Long Islanders, have to make a change for the better. Respect Each Other! Be kind to each other! Especially in hard times, we have to accept that we are going through some hard times now, but this is just so idiotic and's really a shame.

I think the people who knocked down this employee, and STOMPED HIM OUT AS THEY RAN INTO THE STORE FOR GREAT DEALS should be DRAGGED OUT IN THE STREET AND SHOT! (Garfield Style) for those that don't know, that is a common Garfield Catch Phrase.

Either way these people should be brought to justice, and ARRESTED for Manslaughter, they may not have planned to kill him, obviously, but they did not help him either, and people continued to STOMP ALL OVER HIM...just terrible.

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netwrk219 said...
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netwrk219 said...

I have to add...It is definitely a case of environment. The Green Acres mall area and the Wal-Mart in particular is not particularly known for "Love Thy Neighbor". The area is patronized by people who generally....please note the generally....don't give a damn for anyone but themselves. i am saddened, but not surprised. Oh, and the "gentleman" who blamed security for not keeping the peace...go to hell, you waste of life. it isn't the responsibility of a 6 dollar and hour security guard to be killed in the place of anyone else. Maybe if the neighborhood people showed a modicum of restraint in getting to the flat screen television they wanted so badly instead of paying their utilities or rent or god forbid child support, then maybe that employee would be alive today. Look to yourselves and stop deflecting by placing blame on others for your own actions.
You shit tick!

Anonymous said...

that is crazy!!