Monday, July 28, 2008

Step Brothers Review

Step Brothers was a really great movie, a lot of classic lines that I am sure will be heard all over, in the office, from friends, and at bars . This movie really had it all two dynamic individuals who will never give up on the American Dream of sitting on there ass all day, and only working when they have to, what a life. Will Farrell did a great job in the movie, I thought that he was on point, and was hysterical, opposite of him was John Reilly and I think that he did a pretty good job, but not that great. They both were very funny, and know how to make a movie very funny. I have seen them both on Will Farrells comedy site, which they have put on many skits that are usually funny.

The Green Team: Starring Will Ferrell, John Reilly, and McKay.

See more Will Ferrell videos at Funny or Die

Overall I would rank this movie with a 9 out of 10. I think it is right up there with his performance in Anchorman or any of the other Will Farrell classics.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Bethpage State Park – Jogging, Biking, Golf

Bethpage State Park – fireflies, golf, running, biking, basketball, etc

Bethpage State Park is home to one of the nicest Golf Courses in the world. They held the 2002 U.S. Open here, and are planning on having the 2009 US Open here as well. This brings in thousands of people, and can all fit comfortably in this small quaint town on Long Island, Bethpage. This park is also home to a very long running/biking trail that goes miles down the Bethpage Expressway, and can go all the way south to the beach! Also they park has a few baseball fields, as well as a basketball court too! Only downside is during the summer they charge when entering, so you may get hit up with a $10 fee to enter. Other than this is a great park to visit, and enjoy in any month of the year, its natural beauty surrounds you and makes you want to make this world a better place.

Bethpage Community Park – Just Opened

Bethpage Community Park – Just Opened – Under Construction

Bethpage Community Park is another park that has been closed for the past 2 years, since they were building an indoor ice skating rink for the park. Now that it is finally open, I have played on the tennis courts a few times, and have not really used any of the other facilities available here. The tennis courts are not in the worst shape, some cracks in the court, and 1 out of the 4 nets are down, but other than that it is really nice, since there is very little road noise, and pretty much have all the courts to your self. It will be really nice once they finish all of the construction on the park.

Syosset Woodbury Community Park

Syosset Woodbury Park – Jogging Trail, Tennis, Pool, Softball, Baseball, Basketball, Handball

I grew up in Syosset NY so I know Syosset / Woodbury park very well, and know everything about this park. I practically spent many of my entire summers at this very park. Now I visit there every so often, to either enjoy there beautiful mile jog to another small park located in Plainview, and to play some Tennis. The tennis courts are in perfect condition, no cracks, all fresh paint, immaculate really. They keep them in great shape. I love coming to this park and playing a good round of tennis on a nice summer day.

Canoeing at Oyster Bay Park - Theodore Roosevelt Park

Canoeing At Oyster Bay Park – aka Theodore, Teddy, Roosevelt Park

For my fathers birthday we enjoyed quite a day of canoing at the Oyster Bay park. They recently have added a facility to allow visitors to rent a Canoe from the park, and use it for a few hours. This is a great idea for any sort of family function, or if you just want to get out
of the house and get your sea legs wet. :-)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Tennis Court - Location - Rating - Review

Tennis Court - Location - Rating - Review

Bethpage Community Park - 8/10 - Has decent courts, there is one with out a net currently, since they are in re-construction mode, and one has a big crack, that was filled in with black tar, but still works. The plus of this court is that it is very private, and there is little to no noise pollutions, so you can enjoy a nice game, and probably wont have any competition to get the best court available.

Bethpage High School - 7/10 - Has pretty nice courts, and good players playing. The only downside to this great tennis court, is the road noise pollution, since the courts are directly next to a major road, that cars speed by 40-50 mph every few seconds.

Syosset High School - 8/10 - Has a good amount of nicely maintained tennis courts. Although they are highly used, not only by locals, but by the high school students as well, so getting a court may not be too easy. Plus there is some noise pollution from cars speeds down the parking lot separated road, although not too often, so makes for an enjoyable game, if you can get a court.

Syosset / Woodbury Community Park - 9/10 - Has a great private area with many courts. No sound pollution, usually not very crowded, and usually has good tennis players playing as well.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Wildwood State Park – Camping Last Summer

Wildwood State Park – Camping Last Summer

Last summer my girlfriend, her family, and I went to Wildwood State Park for a weekend. It was very nice, they had a great camping resort, and the best part is that it is right on the water. So we could walk down to the beach At the beach they had a very nice huge dock, with bathrooms, and on the beach it self they had lots of natual forming clay. It was very cool, because you could create things with the clay, and it would stay together. All natural from sand and water, it was at the basen of a huge sand mountain that went up to the camp site, from the beach. We all hung out at the beach and drank a little bit, it was too cold to go in the water, so we just layed out in the sun, and had a few brews.

I will post pictures when I get a chance.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Planting Fields Arborietum - Coe Hall

Hey All,

I recently got the pleasure of visiting the Planting Fields Arboreitum at Coe Hall, it is this really old mansion with many acres of land. It once belonged to Queen Elizabeth and was a mini-town built around the queens orders. Today this is one of the most beautiful places that I have seen on Long Island. Not only is it a great big mansion to explore, but also a huge amount of land, with many exsitise plants from all around the world, many from Japan.

I visited this place recently with my girlfriend who was very impressed. I knew about it because I used to actually work there as a kid, as a Junior Docen, which means that I used to give tours to kids of the mansion. It was a cool little job, when I was 13, it was volunteer work..

I will upload some images once I get to my main pc, but this is definetly a place for every New Yorker to see, considering it was once the home of Queen Elizabeth, and is now a public site, for all to visit at a small fee.

Friday, July 4, 2008


Hey All,

So I have started my own little web-site company type thing..not really though, but kind of I guess. I have not done any business, just built the basic pages of the site, that could be a business. I guess it is more of a mock site than anything to what a Technology Solutions company could be.

It is called Tek-Min-Now -

On a side note if any one does have any questions regarding computers, web-sites, search engine optimization, security, speeds, purchasing a computer in with todays new technology, how to setup wireless, or anything about technology feel free to contact me at

Check it out I have also added a very useful blog that I write Computer Help Tips:

As for happiness my friends, well happiness is all in the eyes of the beholder. Happiness is what makes us tick, what makes us wake up in the morning, what makes us want to strive for more, to strive to that goal of pure satisfaction and happiness, to attain all of the goals we have set out for ourselves and have the happiest life any one could ever image.

Can all of man kind be happy?

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Graduation from Bethpage High School & Graduation Parties & Prom

Graduation from Bethpage High School & Graduation Parties & Prom

I recently attended the Bethpage High School Graduation ceremony, and what a picture perfect day it was. It may have been a little hot for some, but I found the hot sun and humidity welcoming considering it is summer, should be expecting 80-90 degree weather. The ceremony was held on the football field, while all the guests sat in the crowd. Bethpage recently added a new brick walk way to the football / track field. This also includes name plates of all the Bethpage residents that donated X amount of money to have one or multiple bricks with there family name, or children's names on them. I think this was a fabulous idea to help bring the community together more, and allow each other to have a place at there house school forever. So when there kids go there, they can look at that with admiration and respect that people came together to build a great school.