Friday, July 4, 2008


Hey All,

So I have started my own little web-site company type thing..not really though, but kind of I guess. I have not done any business, just built the basic pages of the site, that could be a business. I guess it is more of a mock site than anything to what a Technology Solutions company could be.

It is called Tek-Min-Now -

On a side note if any one does have any questions regarding computers, web-sites, search engine optimization, security, speeds, purchasing a computer in with todays new technology, how to setup wireless, or anything about technology feel free to contact me at

Check it out I have also added a very useful blog that I write Computer Help Tips:

As for happiness my friends, well happiness is all in the eyes of the beholder. Happiness is what makes us tick, what makes us wake up in the morning, what makes us want to strive for more, to strive to that goal of pure satisfaction and happiness, to attain all of the goals we have set out for ourselves and have the happiest life any one could ever image.

Can all of man kind be happy?