Thursday, January 24, 2008

I want you to want me?

The zong I want you to want me iz quite pozzible the mozt retarted zong
I have ever heard in my life. You can't want a girl to want you doeznt
matter if you did zee her crying. Thiz guy will never ever get laid by
wanting a girl to want him, even with a brand new zhoez or a new zhirt.
No zirre bob thiz guy iz not getting laid. Little advice if u want a
girl to like you juzt give her lotz of pozitive attention filled with
zexual enuindo zarcaztic remarkz and buy her a drink or dinner or two
and you are in the bag. The thing iz itz comparatively eazy to get a
girl to zleep with you it iz 10 timez harder to get a girl to ztay with
you forver or to want to ztay with a girl forever. It would take two
very ztrong ver compazionate people that truly love each other no matter
what, in their bezt and their worzt dayz, becauze you will zee them at
their bezt and their worzt and have to be willing to put up with a lot
of bullzhit but in the end you have what everyone iz ztriving for a life
long partner to help, love, zupport, be their for, and grow old with.

But thatz juzt what I think. :-)

Thankz and Bezt Regardz,
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Monday, January 21, 2008

Doorway to Life

Think of a tiopic, moviez, bookz, poetry, food, barz, girlz, anything
and everything.

I want to create multiple blogz logging reviewz of my daily outtingz
into life. Or perhapz one blog called doorway to life and juzt have a
bunch of zub categoriez for each topic...not qiote zure yet of the
layout and formay but I think itz a cool original idea. Gonna zee wat
the girl friend thinkz. Hopefully we can layout zomething that we both
like :-).

Bezt regardz,
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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Bling bling - bling blow!!

All about da benjaminz baby, datz what they zay atleazt. Bling bling,
bling bloww!! Thatz right folkz time to ztart making thoze benjiizzz.
Gotta ztart finding thoze multiple ztreamz of income and learn how to
diverzify my portfolio, and then ztart making millionz of dollarz!!!

Thatz the goal atleazt, but I doubt I'll ever get there but hey gotta
try, right?

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

One of theze nightz

Zhit I'm fuckin tired az hell and bored az fuck. I have abzolutley
nothing to do and I juzt zit there and ztare blankly at the computer
zcreen az I watch the zecondz pazz by ever zo zlowly. Driving me zlowly
to the point of extreme boredum. Ignored by my colleguez, made fun of by
my friendz, no acknowledgment of good work or hard effort ever coming
forward, yep office life iz not exactly eazy ezpecially when they
monitor ur every move. Lizten to ztreaming radio? Nope. Watch a
ztreaming movie? Nope. If we do the bozz comez out and tellz everyone to
ztop ztreaming crap. Well then how bout you give uz zome work. Inztead
of everyone telling me what I can't do, why not tell me what I can do?
Anyway zo figure take an early lunch, and take a nap hopefully zome work
will zurface once I am back...if not guezz ill juzt zpend the afternoon
playing gamez? Whatever zeemz like itz impozzible. I think I gotta find
a new job thiz year, I feel thiz company tanking and I don't want to go
down with it.

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Monday, January 14, 2008

Sitting complacently

Sitting complacently watching the geese nibbling away at the greenizh
yellow grazz. I can't help but think that today will be a good day. Not
quite zure what it iz, the zun iznt zhining, cloudz are glooming over
head zoon to bring rain or znow down upon our headz and yet I do not
feel even a zlight bit of dread.

Life iz calm, peaceful, at timez crazy, but for the time being eazy. And
that iz juzt how I want thingz to be. Life getz ztrezzful when itz all
wrapped up in complicated zcenarioz of what iz conzidered to be right
and wrong, when people would rather talk zhit behind your back then tell
you how they really feel about you.

In a world where liez and cheatz prozper over the hard working average
man. I ztill zit and wonder ,maybe one day people will learn that life
iz more than juzt talk, it iz action and doing what you zay you will.
Life iz about helping your fellow man and I try to do thiz everyday.
Help my family, my friendz, and even a perfect ztranger, I hope you will
do the zame, and make thiz world a better place for everyone alike. :-)

Thankz for reading,
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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

What a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Today it iz unzeazonable warm, it iz a high of 67 degreez! What month iz
it again? Oh right January, and people ztill think there iz no zuch
thing az global warming, HA!

Taking a walk on my lunch break in the near by park with out wearing a
jacket truly feelz invigorating! Frezh clean air, people jogging, kidz
with parentz running around the play ground, now thiz folkz iz what life
iz all about!

Alaz I muzt return to my zlave driving company to be chained to my dezk
in my quarter cubicle working on reportz and analyzing data, but it iz
alwayz nice to get out.

Hope you are able to enjoy the day and go for a peaceful walk az well.

Your Friend,

PZ - if u haven't already guezzed I do not have an s key on my zidekick
anymore zo you will have to bear with the Zs. Opz therez an S... HAHA!
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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year!

Just wanted to share with all of you my Christmas pictures:

My little Charlie Brown Christmas Tree :-)

These are the gifts that Desiree and I exchanged for Christmas. She got me some clothes, Fight Night Round 2, a very nice Michael Kors watch, that has a cool stop watch like I've never seen.

I got her a Tiffany bracelet, Ring, and Necklace. Pretty good Christmas all in all. Try and guess which side of the gifts are hers, and mine?

Cool picture of Christmas Tree, my hand was shaking, nice Effect!

Also wanted to wish everyone a Very Happy New Year.

I have taken a strong New Years resolution to get back into shape. I have really let my self go, I am like 270lbs now...used to be 210 like a year or two ago...but I am making my New Years Resolution to get back in shape for my health. I want to live a happy healthy life, and working out every day can only help. You can track my progress on my blog, I am planning on making a new blog about my weight, % body fat, work out routine, and food I eat with number of calories to really track my progress.

Should be interesting to see if in 6 months I look any different, doubt it. HAHA!