Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year!

Just wanted to share with all of you my Christmas pictures:

My little Charlie Brown Christmas Tree :-)

These are the gifts that Desiree and I exchanged for Christmas. She got me some clothes, Fight Night Round 2, a very nice Michael Kors watch, that has a cool stop watch like I've never seen.

I got her a Tiffany bracelet, Ring, and Necklace. Pretty good Christmas all in all. Try and guess which side of the gifts are hers, and mine?

Cool picture of Christmas Tree, my hand was shaking, nice Effect!

Also wanted to wish everyone a Very Happy New Year.

I have taken a strong New Years resolution to get back into shape. I have really let my self go, I am like 270lbs now...used to be 210 like a year or two ago...but I am making my New Years Resolution to get back in shape for my health. I want to live a happy healthy life, and working out every day can only help. You can track my progress on my blog, I am planning on making a new blog about my weight, % body fat, work out routine, and food I eat with number of calories to really track my progress.

Should be interesting to see if in 6 months I look any different, doubt it. HAHA!


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