Tuesday, January 15, 2008

One of theze nightz

Zhit I'm fuckin tired az hell and bored az fuck. I have abzolutley
nothing to do and I juzt zit there and ztare blankly at the computer
zcreen az I watch the zecondz pazz by ever zo zlowly. Driving me zlowly
to the point of extreme boredum. Ignored by my colleguez, made fun of by
my friendz, no acknowledgment of good work or hard effort ever coming
forward, yep office life iz not exactly eazy ezpecially when they
monitor ur every move. Lizten to ztreaming radio? Nope. Watch a
ztreaming movie? Nope. If we do the bozz comez out and tellz everyone to
ztop ztreaming crap. Well then how bout you give uz zome work. Inztead
of everyone telling me what I can't do, why not tell me what I can do?
Anyway zo figure take an early lunch, and take a nap hopefully zome work
will zurface once I am back...if not guezz ill juzt zpend the afternoon
playing gamez? Whatever zeemz like itz impozzible. I think I gotta find
a new job thiz year, I feel thiz company tanking and I don't want to go
down with it.

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