Monday, January 14, 2008

Sitting complacently

Sitting complacently watching the geese nibbling away at the greenizh
yellow grazz. I can't help but think that today will be a good day. Not
quite zure what it iz, the zun iznt zhining, cloudz are glooming over
head zoon to bring rain or znow down upon our headz and yet I do not
feel even a zlight bit of dread.

Life iz calm, peaceful, at timez crazy, but for the time being eazy. And
that iz juzt how I want thingz to be. Life getz ztrezzful when itz all
wrapped up in complicated zcenarioz of what iz conzidered to be right
and wrong, when people would rather talk zhit behind your back then tell
you how they really feel about you.

In a world where liez and cheatz prozper over the hard working average
man. I ztill zit and wonder ,maybe one day people will learn that life
iz more than juzt talk, it iz action and doing what you zay you will.
Life iz about helping your fellow man and I try to do thiz everyday.
Help my family, my friendz, and even a perfect ztranger, I hope you will
do the zame, and make thiz world a better place for everyone alike. :-)

Thankz for reading,
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