Tuesday, January 8, 2008

What a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Today it iz unzeazonable warm, it iz a high of 67 degreez! What month iz
it again? Oh right January, and people ztill think there iz no zuch
thing az global warming, HA!

Taking a walk on my lunch break in the near by park with out wearing a
jacket truly feelz invigorating! Frezh clean air, people jogging, kidz
with parentz running around the play ground, now thiz folkz iz what life
iz all about!

Alaz I muzt return to my zlave driving company to be chained to my dezk
in my quarter cubicle working on reportz and analyzing data, but it iz
alwayz nice to get out.

Hope you are able to enjoy the day and go for a peaceful walk az well.

Your Friend,

PZ - if u haven't already guezzed I do not have an s key on my zidekick
anymore zo you will have to bear with the Zs. Opz therez an S... HAHA!
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