Thursday, January 24, 2008

I want you to want me?

The zong I want you to want me iz quite pozzible the mozt retarted zong
I have ever heard in my life. You can't want a girl to want you doeznt
matter if you did zee her crying. Thiz guy will never ever get laid by
wanting a girl to want him, even with a brand new zhoez or a new zhirt.
No zirre bob thiz guy iz not getting laid. Little advice if u want a
girl to like you juzt give her lotz of pozitive attention filled with
zexual enuindo zarcaztic remarkz and buy her a drink or dinner or two
and you are in the bag. The thing iz itz comparatively eazy to get a
girl to zleep with you it iz 10 timez harder to get a girl to ztay with
you forver or to want to ztay with a girl forever. It would take two
very ztrong ver compazionate people that truly love each other no matter
what, in their bezt and their worzt dayz, becauze you will zee them at
their bezt and their worzt and have to be willing to put up with a lot
of bullzhit but in the end you have what everyone iz ztriving for a life
long partner to help, love, zupport, be their for, and grow old with.

But thatz juzt what I think. :-)

Thankz and Bezt Regardz,
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