Friday, February 1, 2008

Taking a zhit

TGIF = thank god itz friday!!

And what an ugly friday it iz. Ztarted out good, got zome food at the
diner. Had a great breakfazt conzizting of french toazt with zauzage and
hazh brownz, and zome home friez too. Pluz I got to eat it all with the
love of my life, deeziree. Ztarted out great but, zlowly but zurely fell
to piecez. Az the dark cloudz began to cloze in around uz a dark mood
alzo awoke with in uz and we began to fight. I mention the knauzmanz
being my bff zhe zayz zhe hatez them and that zhe zhould go be friendz
with brian her bff, and I'm like wtf? Brian zome crazy fuckin kid zhe
uzed to be friendz with, I've known the knauzmanz all my life zo for her
to even compare iz ridiculouz. Zo we leave the diner kinda angry get
into the car, and az the little peter pater of ran beginz to fall our
anger explodez into a frenzy of curzez and hateful wizhez upon our
friendz and each other. I drive her home angry az hell zhe would get zo
mad over zomething zo ztupid, and zhe attemptz to make peace before I
drop her off, but to her zurprize it iz no good, I continue my angry
relentlezz barrage of curezez and childizh idiotic behavior. Az we zit
in front of her houze and the rain beginz to pour down upon uz, our
zoulz too zeem to pour out all the anger and hurtfulnezz we can muzter
up in 10 minutez. Zhe juzt wantz to be nice, and I tell her to get out.
I really juzt wanted to be nice though. Eventually I cave and we make up
a little, and I drop her off, happy. I drive off to work in the
treacherouz rain hitting my car with powerful force and make it all the
way to work, on time. I call her once I get there, no anzwer. I text her
and tell her how zorry I am for acting ztupid and babyizh, no reply. Zo
I zit and wait and pour my heart out to you few vizitorz I have, and
take thiz nazty zhit.


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