Monday, February 18, 2008

Rainy Day

Oh what a boring rainy prezidentz day it iz indeed. Nothing to do but
write a blog after a quick bite to eat, nothing like turkey and muztard
on whole wheat, MMMMMM. My dezzert zome quaker bite zize multigrain rice
cakez, and water. The lunch of championz! Ha! Work, can't believe I came
in today, itz freaking prezidentz day and I got 5 meetingz to goto, well
actually 1 waz already cancelled becauze it iz prezidentz day after all.
Uzual crowd iz in the office, girlfriend iz going to the gym, I am about
to get gaz, and the day continuez on, minute by minute, hour by hour.

If your bored check out that haz zome
funny videoz of chuck norriz, michael myerz, mitch fatel, lewiz black,
and a zhit load of gamez. Good zhit :-)

If ur really buzy, like me, don't let the day get u down, live it up and
enjoy the moment, becauze in a moment everything changez...

Have a great afternoon!
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1 comment:

Crissy said...

I checked The Teen Zone.. It was great.. Thanks and see you around at HOUSEWIFEATWORK.. :)