Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Drunken beligerence

Hey all,

After zpeaking to my good friend dave c. I decided to continue with the
originl kind of blogz I waz pozting about my relationzhip with my gf. Zo
to the zubject matter we go. (For thoze that don't kno my s doeznt work
zo for theze blogz from my cellphone the z=s ok??? Thankz)

Anyhow thiz weekend like mozt weekend my gf and I decided to get drunk,
and in doing zo we nearly lozt each other, uzually happenz when two
people that love each other very much get drunk = fightz.

We went to a hokka bar on friday it waz kinda cool. Got zome nice zeatz
and juzt chilled. The owner guy waz a lil weird and we were the firzt
people there, got there at 930pm, zo he kept talking to uz. I guezz it
could be alzo that it waz juzt me with three girlz. The annoying part iz
that he kep hitting our hookaz and I'm like huh....oh well, whatever
right? Then we went home and my gf pucked from too much zmoke, never
goin 2 a hookah bar again.

Zatuday night we went to a party and it waz kinda cool...not! It waz
zome 29 year old indian guyz place and he waz cool enough, but waz def a
lame party. 10 pluz dudez and like 2 girlz one being my gf. No problemz
with the guyz being dickz, everyone waz cool and rezpectful, never the
lezz my gf and I left around midnight zince we wanted 2 go do zomething
fun, bad move.

We drove around for a while and my gf waz drunk getting angry at me
becauze I waz zpeeding which I waznt doing, going 50 in a 40, iz that
zpeeding? Zo zhe iz yelling at me 2 zlow down and I tell her to zhut up
I'm not zpeeding and zo the fight beginz.

We goto her friendz houze to get a video game and I wanted 2 go home and
try it out, zhe wanted to go out partying, or do zomething fun, all
girlz juzt want 2 have fun right? The entire car ride iz getting zoo
madd at me like:
Gf - where the fuck are you goin? I thought that we were going to a
diner or zomething?
Me - well we could but I juzt want 2 try out thiz video game firzt.
Gf - what the fuck are you kidding me?!?!? Itz zarturday night, I am not
going back to ur place to play a video game, drop me off.
Me - I thought that we could juzt...
Gf - you thought nothing, I can't believe you! You care more about that
video game than you care about me!!!
Me - no I don't I juzt want to try it out then we can go back out, ok?
Gf - no fuck you, drop me off and give me the video game now!! You are
juzt uzing me to get the game, you are zuch an azzhole I can't believe
I'm with a dickhead like you, drop me off.

Zo I drive near her houze and zhe zayz

Gf - what the fuck are you doing, I can't believe you would actually
goto my houze, do you care about me at all?? Do you?!?!?!?!

Zo I leave her houze and drive over to my crib

Me - ok babe where home, letz juzt go in and relax a little ok honey?
Gf - oh my god I can not believe you came here, give me the video game.
Az zhe trie to rip the game outa my pocket, but I grab her handz and
won't let her, zhe haz ripped in half other cd gamez I have bought zhe
didn't like zo I didn't want her to brake thiz one too.
I jump out of the car and hide it in the kitchen clozet zo zhe won't
find it. I go back to the car, to my gf deztraught and crying, I azk her
what iz wrong, and
zhe zreamz, you don't love me!! All you care about are your ztupid video
gamez!! Pleaze juzt take me home I don't want to even look at you any
more, pleaze if u love me at all juzt take me home.
Me - why zo u can go call one of ur boyz and fuck zome other guy, no
thatz ok. Baby letz juzt go in ok?
Gf - you don't love me, I kno you don't, u juzt jumped out of the car
like a monzter and hid the game in ur houze, your zuch a fucking azz
hole, don't talk to me.
Me - pleaze letz juzt go in ok baby? Your juzt drunk.

Ok zorry ur not drunk, letz go inzide. And it continued on from there. I
will finizh up the ztory tomorrow gg back to work.

Thankz for viziting,
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desiree said...

omgggg ur like soo funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!not!!!!!

you act like I WASSS the bad person the whole time,

and no!

but yeh..video game..your to funny


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