Friday, June 20, 2008

Double Tree Hotel Suites – Times Square – Level V

Erica's Birthday – Double Tree Hotel Suites – Times Square – Level V

Recently went out for my friend Erica's Birthday Party. She got a hotel room in Times Square at
the Double Tree Hotel Suites. This was a great hotel, and they said they got it for only $250 for
the night, which is good considering we were on the 17th floor, and had a terrific view of
Times Square; the big M&Ms particularly. We also went to a club called Level V. It must have
been there opening night because we got in for free, since we got there before 12. We got there
at 11:30, outside was a small line of people our age, in there 20's, so we knew we were at the
right place. We wait a little on the line and the bouncer lets us in, after briefly viewing our
licenses, we walked down the steps to the entrance way of the club. We entered, and immediately felt like we had entered a whole new world. They had a great cave motif going for the place, but didn't look dirty, everything looked brand new, they had fake candle lights all along the walls, to really give it that perfect dark, cool, club atmosphere. Overall this was a great place and would definitely go back there again. We only stayed for a little while before we got bored and just wanted to go back to the hotel to chill out.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Leonard's Wedding Ceremony and Banquet Hall

Leonard's Wedding Ceremony and Banquet Hall

I recently attended a wedding at Leonard's and found it to be an amazing place, great for a wedding. This was one of the nicest weddings I have been to in a long time. I have not been to many weddings, but out of all the ones I have been to this one was definitely cool and unique. For starters they did not have a church traditional ceremony of walking down the aisle with the bride, they didn't even have a mock of it at the place, which is some thing they traditionally do. They simply had every one come at around 11AM and started the celebration with great food, in one room. Had open bar, and buffet style food. Everything was delicious, but I am easy to please when it comes to food, I eat about everything, except Indian and Japanese. For a Taiwanese wedding this was definitely a very nice party. Lasted from 11AM to approximately 5pm, and then we all left.

I took a lot of good pictures and will post them up here soon.