Monday, July 28, 2008

Step Brothers Review

Step Brothers was a really great movie, a lot of classic lines that I am sure will be heard all over, in the office, from friends, and at bars . This movie really had it all two dynamic individuals who will never give up on the American Dream of sitting on there ass all day, and only working when they have to, what a life. Will Farrell did a great job in the movie, I thought that he was on point, and was hysterical, opposite of him was John Reilly and I think that he did a pretty good job, but not that great. They both were very funny, and know how to make a movie very funny. I have seen them both on Will Farrells comedy site, which they have put on many skits that are usually funny.

The Green Team: Starring Will Ferrell, John Reilly, and McKay.

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Overall I would rank this movie with a 9 out of 10. I think it is right up there with his performance in Anchorman or any of the other Will Farrell classics.

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