Monday, July 7, 2008

Planting Fields Arborietum - Coe Hall

Hey All,

I recently got the pleasure of visiting the Planting Fields Arboreitum at Coe Hall, it is this really old mansion with many acres of land. It once belonged to Queen Elizabeth and was a mini-town built around the queens orders. Today this is one of the most beautiful places that I have seen on Long Island. Not only is it a great big mansion to explore, but also a huge amount of land, with many exsitise plants from all around the world, many from Japan.

I visited this place recently with my girlfriend who was very impressed. I knew about it because I used to actually work there as a kid, as a Junior Docen, which means that I used to give tours to kids of the mansion. It was a cool little job, when I was 13, it was volunteer work..

I will upload some images once I get to my main pc, but this is definetly a place for every New Yorker to see, considering it was once the home of Queen Elizabeth, and is now a public site, for all to visit at a small fee.