Sunday, July 13, 2008

Tennis Court - Location - Rating - Review

Tennis Court - Location - Rating - Review

Bethpage Community Park - 8/10 - Has decent courts, there is one with out a net currently, since they are in re-construction mode, and one has a big crack, that was filled in with black tar, but still works. The plus of this court is that it is very private, and there is little to no noise pollutions, so you can enjoy a nice game, and probably wont have any competition to get the best court available.

Bethpage High School - 7/10 - Has pretty nice courts, and good players playing. The only downside to this great tennis court, is the road noise pollution, since the courts are directly next to a major road, that cars speed by 40-50 mph every few seconds.

Syosset High School - 8/10 - Has a good amount of nicely maintained tennis courts. Although they are highly used, not only by locals, but by the high school students as well, so getting a court may not be too easy. Plus there is some noise pollution from cars speeds down the parking lot separated road, although not too often, so makes for an enjoyable game, if you can get a court.

Syosset / Woodbury Community Park - 9/10 - Has a great private area with many courts. No sound pollution, usually not very crowded, and usually has good tennis players playing as well.

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