Friday, November 7, 2008

Jogger Hit by SUV - Death Toll Climbs on Long Island


It has been a very rough October and November for Long Island. After hearing about the death of the wife killed by the husband things have not been the same. There have been numerous strange incidents every where I turn it seems. I turn on the TV and another person is dead, I speak with my mother and one of my little brother's friends got hit with a car, and his funeral was today...

The turn of events are staggering, look at the past month:

#1 - October 27th 2008
- Husband of Teacher Who Disappeared on Long Island Admits Murder
#2 - October 31st 2008 - Syosset: Teen hit by car on Halloween Dies
#3 - November 1st 2008 - 3rd N.Y. Husband Accused of Killing Wife This Week
#4 - November 6th 2008 - Husband and wife from Massapequa Park killed in Crash
#5 - November 7th 2008 - Impaired Driver Hits Joggers - Kills 1 from Huntington

It is disturbing to think about, what is driving these people to do such idiotic, and insane things!?!?!?!?

The Presidential Election?
The Failing Economy?
The Fact that Your House is Worth 1/2 it used to be?
That you will never be able to afford a house?
That you lost all of your 401k in the stock market?
That you feel like you got ripped off you are taking it out on your loved ones??

Stop it PEOPLE!!! What is wrong with the world now a days?? It is just MONEY! Who gives a flying FUCK ABOUT MONEY?!?!?!?!

We have to take control of our lives! We have to talk about problems we have with loved ones! We have to be able to function as a responsible, sensible, human, part of society!

Believe it or not, YOU ARE PART OF A SOCIETY!! And you can only make it better or worse.

Everything you say or do, getting mad and spreading hate, or being nice and spreading kindness. You control the out come of every one else's fate, be nice.

Lastly if you don't have a good heart remember the fact that: Karma is a bitch.

Hope you will learn some thing from this and watch for your fellow man.
Help each other in need, and be true to every one, family and friends foremost.


Anonymous said...

what is the world coming too!!!??

Me-Me King said...

Man, if I lived on "LI", I'd consider moving...

Anonymous said...

Kid who was hit by a car on Holloween, came out of the trees on Cold Spring Rd and driver never had a shot to avoid him. He was being 15 and careless. The person who hit him is a lovely person who is a teacher. She is distraught.

Niether that teen nor the woman who hit him belong in this lineup of insane people.