Sunday, October 19, 2008

SNL vs. Presidential Debates

I saw both the Vice Presidential Debate and then the SNL Version of the Vice Presidential Debate, and then I also watched the 3rd Presidential Debate, and the SNL 3rd Presidential Debate, and I was just in tears laughing my ass off!!

Tina Fey does an amazing job as Palin, dead on! As for every one else, well I will leave that up to you guys. This is for any one that missed the debates or the SNL versions!


Vice Presidential Debate: (debate dialogue - transcript)

SNL Version of Vice Presidential Debate:

3rd Presidential Debate at Hofstra: (debate dialogue - transcript)

SNL Version of 3rd Presidential Debate:

2 comments: said...

Tina Fey really does a great job,i also watched these clips.i like political humor :D

Anonymous said...

yes!true!good blog man!