Thursday, October 16, 2008

Third Presidential Debate at Hofstra Convinced Me To Vote!

After watching this heated debate I knew I had to stand up and make a difference in the world instead of sitting back and allowing my vote to go to waste. I decided to vote shortly after learning that only about 50% of Americans vote, and I decided I wanted to be one of them that make a difference, and are not scared to stand up for there rights and make a fuckin' decision!

So I am going to vote and I was not sure who to vote for, I had not seen any of the first presidential debate, and I only saw the highlights of the second debate, so I knew it would come down to the third presidential debate. And let it be it was going on in my own backyard, down the street at Hofstra University, where I have gone to bars, and hung out with friends. I thought it was quite inspiring to have the final debate literally a few blocks from my house.

I watched the debate live on CNN, and took mental notes of what the potential President of the United States was trying to communicate to every one. McCain was wondering, shit I am fucked in this, this guy is going to win and he's a terrorist! Obama is thinking I got this shit in the fuckin' bag! Done deal, McCain out, Obama in! Finally smashing the ceiling for all American African Americans, achieving the once impossible, of becoming the first African American President.

I wonder how many of us are ready for an African American President, well I am. After watching this final debate, it is clear that McCain does have some good points that I agree with, I just do not see him as a great President, and for Obama, I wish him the best of luck as the next President of the USA. I hope that he is able to deliver on all of his promises, and really will make a "Change" I hope he get's us and the world out of the economic crisis, is able to stop all wars in Iraq and Afganistan, and still keep the terrorists at this possible? Are we expecting too much? Nah, he's the president of the fuckin' USA, if he can't do it, who CAN?!?!

Obama and McCain, great debate gentlemen, glad we got everything cleared up with Obama not being a terrorist, and McCain having a massively irritating blinking issue when speaking, that makes him look like a cowardess retard. (Is that too much? I never know..) Other than that, good job gentlemen!

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Jessica said...

you're funny...yes mccain DOES have a blinking problem..GO OBAMA!!