Monday, October 27, 2008

Anne Korin's Oil Solution - Save the World Today!

Every one that reads this post you must listen up and watch this video. If not the entire 7 videos, watch at least the first one to get the idea. We are 100% dependent on Foreign Oil, and there solutions are limited. The only REAL solution is to become more reliant on Ethanol and Alcohol to run your car, as opposed to relying 98% on oil!

We have to build all new cars to run on BOTH Oil and Ethanol. We need to build up our power grid to support many more new electric cars. We are giving our money to OPEC, the cartel (gang) that controls the oil industry. They are responsible for 911, and killing our troops in Iraq. They create many different forms of extreme religious sects that ALL hate Americans, and we are giving them our money? STOP THE MADNESS!!

We need to change, and stop being so reliant on Oil, or else the world as we know it; America as a strong sovereign nation will COLLAPSE into extreme poor. We will all feel the tight grip around our throats of the OPEC Oil Nations. We can not allow them to control all of the worlds money. They are responsible for the worlds Credit Crisis! They inflated the worth of all of our major companies, and bankrupt them via the Stock Market, just like what Vince Vaunge does to Ben Stiller in the end of Dodge Ball.

We can not allow these monsters to control our economy. US, Japan, China, India, we all have to stand up and fight against this nation, before they control ALL the worlds funds..

IF they do then we are all doomed, to live a life where we are all maddeningly poor, and can no longer achieve financial success in the world, because of OPEC and the big oil companies.

Watch Now - click the videos to the right, or click the link below:

How to Solve World Economy

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