Monday, September 29, 2008

Bethpage State Park Pictures


Just took a walk through the woods at Bethpage State Park and wanted to show all of the pictures with you guys!


That's all folks, hope you enjoyed 'em!


Greg Swarez said...

One of the best blogs ive seen in a while, like all the pictures and less of the writing.. very well put together blog.. i took a look at some of your other blogs as well they are all very different. you seem to have an open mind..but this is by far my favorite, and i decided to comment this one because I was wondering is this where the 2009 US open is being held? get back to me and i would appreciate it! :) i check your blog weekly. so im sure ill be back to see if this is the park where the us open will be held, it seems huge and nice! well happy blogging!


The Long Islander said...

Thanks Greg, positive reviews are much appreciated! And YES this is where the 2009 US Open is going to be held, I am going to try and cover it on my site, if I can get tickets...

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