Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Witches Brew

Me: what should we do tonight babe?
Her: everyone wants to goto witches brew, you ever been there?
Me: no what is it?
Her: its a coffee house with a bunch of freaks I'm sure you'll like it
Me: ok sure...

Everyone comes to my place we bull shit for a little bit and then decide
to take the long haul to witches brew. Dan drives down hempstead
turnpike, keep going the girls say as we drive for what seems to be an

Dan: where the hell is this place?
Them: where almost there keep goin, ok.
Dan: no problem just tell me when
Them: just keep going you'll see it

Drive another 10 minutes and then they say:
Oh shit I think we passed it, did we pass it? Yeah we definently passed
it, turn around dan!
Turn around drive more until we hear, no you passed it again! Turn
Where the hell is this place?
Its right there, pointing up the road to a big Witches sign
Dan passes it one more time for good luck and we turn around and park in
the back.
We all walk up to the main door only to be greeted with "we aren't open
on mondays!"
Fun fun diddly winks ;-)
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Anonymous said...

haha what a funny nighttttt!! ; )