Monday, December 17, 2007

Muttontown Slave Family Convicted

Today the Slave owning family from Muttontown has been convinced of slavery!

Convincted Today!

The million dollar family of wealthy Long Islanders have been convicted today of enslaving two Indonesian women for nearly 5 years. The two culprits are Varsha Sabhnani and Mahender Sabhnani, from what I have heard though Varsha did most of the abuse to these two innocent women. They found them in Indonesia, captured them, and figured no one would no the difference if two people went missing...but guess what, they did, and they are going to get exactly what they deserve, years and years behind bars!

They were thought of as humble perfume moguls with a millionaire company, they had everything they could ever want, why would they subject some one to such slavery, and barbarian tourture? What would make some one have no feelings for a fellow human being? What would make them want to hurt some one for years, no food, no showers, just torturing them.

The reason I am blogging about them is that I went to school with this very wealthy family. They lived on the North Side of town, and I was on the other side of the tracks. But for whatever reason at one point in elementary school I was actually friends with their daughter, I will leave her name out, but I'm sure it is all over the internet already. She was a nice person, but I would never think her family would do something like this.

I was in shock to hear about this because I knew where they came from, and where they lived, and the cars they drove. What would make a millionaire do this to another human being? The answer is that they must be really sick in the head to think that this is ok. They must have had a crazy up-raising, or maybe they are just completely so inaptly in touch with any sort of compassion through years of sociological abuse from America, that they figured no one would really give a shit.

Well they are WRONG! America may not always be the nicest, or coolest, or warmest place to live, but we sure do know that SLAVERY IS WRONG! Slavery was abolished during the Civil War, if they wanted slave they missed it by about 300 years. Abraham Lincoln stopped slavery, and freed all the slaves so that they can be equal citizens in this great land of ours, where we deem all people with RIGHTS, and RESPONSIBILITIES to treat others civilly.

Clearly these people did not pay attention during history, and are clearly insane and I think they should be locked away forever, before they flee the country, since they are Millionaire's. That I think is the next move for the Sabhnani family, time to go back to Indonesia, or wherever they are from.

Stupid, stupid, stupid, rich people...


jessica said...

fry em

Kristaaa :) said...

those people got some major issues going on..good thing they get to rot in jail..i wonder what their kids think and i cant believe no1 stopped them during the 5 years and said WTF is wrong with u! obvi the kids knew what was happening..maybe the parents abused the kids toooo who knows