Thursday, November 15, 2007

McDonalds = Happiness

Let me just start by saying I LOVE MCDONALDS! This stuff really should
be illegal its so delicious and not nutritiuos its just absolutely
insiduous how ridiculously good it is.

I decided to take after my older brother and take a picture of my lunch,
haha check out his site : As you can probably see
from the picture I decided to get McDonalds for lunch today. McDonalds
has become a staple in american diets even though it is probably the
cause of most heart attacks, nothing like fried french fries. MMMM I
wish I could eat hot french fries for every meal and have no
consequences; heart burn, stomach aches, nausiousness, clogged arteries,
and heart attacks alike.

My question today is does food make people happy? Well lets see, you
look forward to lunch all morning, almost dreaming about those hot fries
and deep fried crispy chicken sandwich awhh just makes my mouth water.
Well creating a mental plan of what you will be doing an carrying out
the plan as thought out will usually make people happy right? Even if it
is at the cost of living along healthy life, but who wants to live a
long healthy life? You know they say tomorrow is not promised today.
Tell me what you think?

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Anonymous said...

hahahaaa your SOO funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!