Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sunset in a Hidden Place

Every now and again we all need to relax and find our own little place
to sit and comprehend the days events. Just sit back and watch the sun
set over the horizon as thoughts, actions, consequences, decisions, and
life all run through my brain. I come here to calm my self and enjoy
what little is left on this cool november day.
from da hidden spot


guess whooo : ) said...

wheres the hidden spot? is that at the park? lol

OMG GUESS WHO!?!?! said...

let me guess who? probably some stalker named nikki who says guess who? what are you some kind of weirdo get some boobs and stop looking like a man then comment .. thanks

nikki said...

kyle, tell your fat sluty girlfriend to shut the fuck up. shes not even in my league and she knows it. trash. she doesnt even know me and shes writing shit about me. u told me i could comment don't leave me anymore nasty voicemails u asshole...i told u 3 months ago 2 never call me again...what don't u understand.

mShifter said...

This is by far the best blog I have ever been to - just for the comments alone! Seriously this kid knows how to write a good post. Keep em coming brotha.

Dave DeMorgan said...

This kid has perhaps the funniest blog I have ever read...maybe because it's the only 'life' blog I ever read...simplistic, straight-forward, and pretty fucking honest...and if his life is going the way he post it, then things for my boy kyle are pretty par for the course. keep up the good work and keep making a mockery out of life, that shit plays us all the time. Peace!

desireee said...

LOVE YOU SOOOOOOO MUCHHH BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Kyle!!!!! I <3 your blog SO much..its so funny and interesting..you are the best..i missss my neighborooni..i wana say something scandalous to fit in with the other comments but i cant think of anything juicy enough =P