Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Walk in the Park

You ever just walk around a park aimlessy on a beautiful day in november
when the leaves are all changing yellow and red or all the trees have
already shed their leaves for the winter. This is exactly what I did
today on my lunch break and I think that it made my day just a little
nicer. Try it some time I guarentee it will put a smile on your face and
maybe even a tear in your eye from all the wind, not from the shear
majestic beauty of the atmosphere all around and really truly embracing
all of the your outer surroundings.
from da park

1 comment:

Adam said...

its shows that a real kind word from kyle can mellow the situation, well ur lucky dee is so easy to appease and does not keep the bull shit going and ends it nicely ... most girls would keeo it going and not listen to ne thing the guy said