Friday, November 23, 2007

Turkey Day

Turkey Day oh Turkey Day,
What a glorious day it was in deed.

Wake up in the morning to discussions of:
Her: You seriously don't have to come if you don't want to.
Me: But I do want to come, baby why are you saying this?
Her: You're such an asshole I don't know why I am still with you!
Me: Baby please calm down, it will be a good day.
Her: Fuck you OK, Fuck You, don't talk to me, seriously!
Me: Honey, shmokumns, poo bear, sexy, I was just kidding around, please relax?
Her: OK I will relax, but if anything goes wrong today I'm going to kill you.
Me: Sounds good to me, as long as there's no pressure. ;-)

First stop is my folks place. Met at the door by my hurting dad, who recently under went surgery. We sat around watched some Animal Planet on TV, not usual Thanksgiving Football, but we aren't your average family either. Watched some Black Bears jump tree to tree and hang up side down on clothing lines, which my father found particularly hilarious and couldn't control his laughter from this hysterical site.

We sat at dinner with my ma, pa, little brother, and me and my girlfriend. What a wonderful feast, but before we dig in a little thanks for the bountiful feast before our eyes, and soon to be consumed into our stomachs. I bore through all the food like a hog during meal time, and sat gleefully with mashed potatoes all over my mouth, as my girlfriend laughed at me copiously.

After dinner, we went over to her Grandma's place, greeted by her Uncles and brother and sisters. We all hung out a little bit, ate some dinner, then went to watch some TV. I got a text message from some one, my girlfriend rips the cell phone out of my hand:
Her: You have to be fucking kidding me! What the hell is this?
Me: What? What are you talking about babe?
Her: Why the fuck did your ex-girlfriend text you happy thanksgiving?
Me: Oh I don't know baby, you know I don't talk to her any more.
Her: You are such a lying piece of shi-T.
Me: Babe you have to trust me you know I wouldn't do that to you.
Her: Leave, just leave right now, please just go.
Me: I'm not leaving, come on can you stop and relax please?
Her: No, this is horrible!
Me: Listen, you know I don't talk to her any more I promise 100% swear to god, stick a needle in my eye, and if I lie before I wake, then pray the lord my soul to take.
Her: Do you mean that?
Me: Yes baby of course.
Her: OK, I love you!
Me: Love you two honey. :-)

Gotta love thanksgiving. Oh and HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!

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