Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Are we going to see the movie?

Her - Are we going to see the movie?
Me - Yes of course we are going to see the movie.
Her - OK, well it starts soon, so can we like go already?
Me - Babe, we have 30 minutes before the movie starts can you chill?
Her - No, YOU ALWAYS Do This to me! I want to go now, what is your problem?
Me - Nothing please just give me a second, I just have to do this, one thing...
Her - NO! What the fuck! I want to GOO!
Me - Can you shut the fuck up and chill the fuck out?
Her - OK good bye! Don't talk to me any more! Asshole!
Me - Baby please don't go, I'm sorry! You know I love you!
Her - Goodbye, seriously loose my fucking number...I just don't understand why you have to treat me like this?
Me - OK so you want to go to the movie now?
Her - Can we?
Me - OK in 5 minutes.

Any one relate? Or am I just the dick?


Anonymous said...

i think ur totally being a nice guy.

Anonymous said...

"How can happiness be attained in such a world where women have equal rights"

You are a dick.

I pity your girlfriend.

Anonymous said...

if your girlfriend has half a brain shes not gonna take your bs for too much longer. women do have equal rights if not more than men haha...you need to stfu...you're not old fashioned that's disrespectful.