Monday, November 19, 2007

Best Weekend Ever...

What a weekend it was a weekend filled with usual mischief and nothing completely our of the ordinary, me driving around while every one tells me what they want to do, and I figure out ways to make every one happy. If only it was so easy to really make every one happy, I'll give you a hint, it's impossible to make every one happy, if someone doesn't disagree with it then they are lying.

Friday night we were supposed to go to a party, then dizzy lizards, then another party after dizzy lizards although as we began drinking at my place Desire and I started our usual routine of nit-picking and destroy any sort of confidence or ego the other feels they have established from becoming incoherent from the booze, but doesn't effect us, we know we are just kidding. :-)

So people start coming over Leeanne, Kevin, and Kevin's friend, let's just call him Big Black. This guy that I don't know comes in to my place, and low and behold disrespects my place, disrespects my girl, and disrespects me. He grabbed a beer from my fridge, he was hitting on my girl friend, and talking trash. A perfect combination for me to bug the fuck out, but I kept my cool, I went along with him staring at my girl friends tits, and leaning over her. While drinking my beer, letting him play with my remote control car, and talking trash that he's gonna rob my place, with just kidding mannerisms. Although in his defense it was his birthday, and his friend Kevin seemed like he was less than interested in really celebrating, guess that's life.

Finally got them to go to Leeanne's friend's party, and then it was me and Desiree again. Just as they leave we both turn to each other and say in unison, "I don't want to go now." Haha, guess that is how the cookie crumbles. We were going to wait for Dan and Pete, but Desiree and I know Dan and Pete and they both did not want to have any part of a party or a bar that night. So we drank more and got picked up by them, and ended up going to Plainview Shopping center, Dunking Donuts. Dan and I were going to see Beowolf in 3-d at Broadway mall, but Desiree didn't want to, in fact she was going to get picked up by Erica and some guy so I am like no, WTF! So we hung out with Erica, and one of her girl friends, and this guy that was a gay black guy. He was very quite the whole time.

We all went to a party at Gasbarg's house with a bunch of our friends. They were all drinking, playing beer pong, hanging out, but it was like 20 dudes, and my girlfriend and Erica. You can guess what happened, my girlfriend getting grilled by 10 guys, and Erica flirting with them. So we quickly left after that, fuck that noise, weirdest part was that the gay black guy wouldn't even come into the party, he probably would have liked 20+ young guys, but who knows. So we left and quickly went home after then to bed, with my Dee.

Saturday I tried to hook up my two best friends with some pun tang, but they were moderately to immoderately successful. Night started with Dee and I hanging out at my place with Heather and Dayna, two of Desiree's friends from high school. Heather happens to have a crush on Pete, and Dayna has hooked up with Dan twice before. So they all come to my house, drink a beer, then we decided to goto the bowling ally 300, which happens to be the coolest bowling ally I've been to on Long Island. Although idiot me, I forget my wallet at home because I changed jackets last second. I was able to drink two thanks to Dee, and we even played a game of bowling. Then we all went back to my apartment and Dan and Dayna got close and comfy, but Pete and Heather...not so close or comfy. Pete may have been too intoxicated to step up his game face and make some strong moves in Heather's direction. Instead he was hysterical one second, then like passed out the next. Then my land lady called me because we were making too much noise, so every one left shortly after, and went to bed.

Sunday I drove around all day with Desiree and Dan shopping for computers, figuring out if or what kind of computer I should or should not get for Christmas. We checked out Micro Center, and found all different types of computers, Macs, Laptops, Desktops. I am planning on either buying a cheap laptop, or/and fixing up my computer now with a gig or 512 MB of ram and possibly a new monitor. The best part of Microcenter was that they had the new Asus EEE PC that I mentioned in one of the blogs below, it was really cool. Very very small monitor though, it is a 7 inch display, but there are two huge speakers on each side. The screen is the size of two iPhone screens, but the OS (operating system) was fast, but lame. It is just a few tabs of different applications they have a wide selelection, and it runs good, plus it's a laptop for $400 which is pretty good. Walmart has that $200 desktop that I am looking into purchasing as well, but not 100% sure.

After computer shopping all day, we went to see a movie with Regina, Dan, and Leeanne. We saw Dan in Real Life, GREAT MOVIE! We all really enjoyed it, and some parts are out right, laugh out-loud funny. It was one of the best, if not the best movie that I have seen all year. Best movie I have seen since Little Miss Sunshine, which Steve Carell is really good in as well. After that we hung out with Erica and her boyfriend Taylor, got some dunkin' donuts and finally went home to bed.

As you can see nothing out of the ordinary, just a regular weekend with my friends. Hanging out, dunkin' donuts, movies, parties, bars, clubs, drinking, good times all around. Even though there may have been a few times that I pissed Desiree off, but shit happens right? What do you guys think of this situation. Sunday after we saw the movie we were chilling in the parking lot at Dunkin' Donuts at Plainview shopping center, and Regina and Leeanne are sitting in there car right next to Desiree, Dan, and I in my car. I tell Desiree that I want to talk to Dan for a few minutes, could you go inside to Dunkin' Donuts and we'll meet you there, or just go in to your friends car and talk to them. She blows up, gives me a huge attitude, what the fuck you telling me to get out of your car for?!? I'm like baby, I just want to talk to Dan for a minute is that too much to ask for? She responds with NO! Then 180ing her initial response as to not look like a complete idiot, which accomplishes it any way, Fine! But I am never talking to you again! You are so fucking retarded Kyle, I don't even know why I am with you, Bye! I am like wowww, talk about an overreaction, but her only reaction is an overreaction, so I get used to it. Dan and I bull shit over nothing specific, just give him some advice on a girl, and then we meet them inside.

Dan and I go inside and are met with 3 girls grilling us with their little evil eyes, we say Hi..awkwardly, Desiree says to me I should fucking smack you right now, they said I shouldn't be with you, and that they would never put up with some one like you (me), and I'm leaving and that don't talk to me any more. She yells at me as she walks out of the door with her two friends smiling. Dan and I just keep on walking like nothing happened, look at each like, OKkkk...and continue to the register to get a latte and a donut.

We come out of the dunkin' donuts and they are gone, Dan and I get in my car like...shit, guess I fucked up. Oh well, we drive a little then spot them we pull up next to them and I try to say to Desiree, what are you doing? I saw it 3 times, and she hardly even makes eye contact with me, so I am like ok whatever. I drive away like fuck her, and her fucking friends, (her and her friends are going to be mad at me when they read this huh?) drive around the shopping center, make a you turn, head back to where they were and they are gone. So I'm like fuck, GREAT! Now they are really gone, what the fuck am I going to do now. So I step on the gas and peel out of the shopping center, then I realize they are behind me the whole time, and Desiree is calling me. I pull over quickly, and Desiree hops in my car all pissed off, telling me how her friends hate me now, and that I am a really big ass hole. To my reaction, what did I do?

So let me ask you guys am I an asshole? Is it wrong to ask you girl friend to get out of the car to talk to your boy about helping him with some girl shit? What do you think world?

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Anonymous said...

first of all, i don't think your girlfriend was overreacting AT ALL...what you did was rude. the fact that you made her get out of the car sounds like you might be hiding something. i agree with the part about little miss sunshine-best movie ever steve carell rocks.