Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Happiness is it Attainable?

Is happiness really attainable? That is not an easy question to answer, I suppose we would have to start with figuring out and understand what makes some one happy, and what makes one person happy is not always the same thing that will make some one else happy. In fact every one is different in what they believe will make them happy, love, money, power, respect, family, friends, attaining all of these are what life is all about, correct? What is the point of life if we eliminate the goal of life, how we do get to that special place where we finally are satisfied with everything that we have achieved in our lives, and we can look back and be proud of our selves.

I remember when I was younger I always thought that if only I was older then I would be so happy. If only I had my own place I would be so happy. If only I had a girl friend, a good job, a car, money, good friends, a lot of great times with good people, then I would finally be happy and satisfied with my life. Although it seems to occur in the opposite manner, the more that I get the more that I want. The more things I see people have, the more I want those new cool things. The more people I meet, the more I learn about them, the more I can gain some form of understanding as to what is the point of it all? Are we here for a reason, besides to help our selves? Are we here to help each other learn, grow, live, prosper, and gain some superficial form of happiness, through material gainings? Would I be a good person if I went o Africa to help build houses and do missionary/charity work? Is helping people be more like us really helping them at all? Are we all that happy?

I wonder some times how to gain happiness, and to me it has always been simple. Write down what you want to achieve in a day, and go about doing those things. That is how my mom taught me to live my life. I remember waking up Saturday or Sunday morning and finding a nice choir list waiting my brother and I on the kitchen table, and my parents being out for the day, enjoying life. So we had to clean the bathrooms, mop the kitchen, vacuum the living room, and all the bed rooms, and mow the lawn and whatever else she felt like putting on there. She always told me that no one would ever give me anything for free in life, man was she ever right, but I still love being nice and giving people things for free. I still work as hard as possible, and spend all my money on others, well maybe not all on others, haha.

Is happiness coming home to a clean house with two nice, respectful, obedient, well groomed, good natured brothers to help bring in the groceries? I suppose to some that just may be it, but to me happiness is making others happy before your self, and not worrying if the person has the common good nature to return the favor in a reasonable time frame with out any notice or constantly nagging the person for the favor.

Either way I was looking through some cheap PCs and I found this EEE PC that is a $300 laptop that is really nice! I am thinking about getting one, but not sure if it is right for me. The OLPC program has just released it's laptop, it looks pretty cool too, and if you buy one then one also gets purchased for an unfortunate child in Africa.

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What makes you happy?


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goood one

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