Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Women Are Our Equals?

In the comments for the "Are we going to see the movie?" a facetious dialog between a loving boyfriend and girlfriend. I asked the question am I the dick? Referring to the BF character as my self, I received a perfidious comment from a reader that referred to my sub-title "How can happiness be attained in such a world where women have equal rights" and specifically assumed that I am in fact a dick not only because of the facetious dialog but also because of my controversial sub-title.

Are women in fact equal in todays world? Over the past hundred years women have fought and won for equal rights in every sphere of life. They are now able to vote in elections, they can run as an electee as well, Hilary Clinton. (Great family moral values for young American girls to inherit, just accept that your husband gets blow jobs from interns) They can receive high paying difficult jobs, and be featured on Time as America's whistle blowers. (Good job finding those clerical errors and destroying thousands of people's income and way of life) They can go to college and get degrees and sleep with there professors. (College Girl: "I am just trying to find myself" {in my professor's bed}) They can work as an intern for the President of the USA and give him fellacio on a regular basis. (wish I was President, long shot though) They can choose from any walk of life the way that they wish to shape their lives, and try to figure out who they can screw along the way, and that is all well and fine, but they still are by no means equal to men.

Men and women have many differences for example differences that society bestows upon men and women to act and treat each other differently, a hot girl can get away with murder, while a hot guy would get the chair. Women have gained all the equal rights to men, and they still expect the man to hold the door open for them, the man to pay for their dinner and movie, the man to drive them every where, the man to take care of them, the man to hold them, the man to put them to sleep, the man to tell them everything will be OK. Even though they have all the same opportunities a man has, they still except to be treated like a princess, and are treated so, and if they are not treated like a princess well then you have no respect for women, and are just an asshole. Well I have nothing but the utmost respect for women, but I do think that it is a joke to think that we are equal in any shape or form.

For those of you unaware, men stand when they piss. Women sit on the toilet. This difference may seem slight and unnoticeable but at large it is a huge drastic importance of their own life style. Women may work their whole life so hard, get through college, get that great job, get their own place, and then for what? Women were created on this earth for one reason, it is between their legs. They are meant to have babies, and help their loved ones through life. Now I ask you how is a women to give up all the years of hard work in college, and years of working to have babies? It just seems so plain, so boring, and yet it is the most beautiful and enriching part of life. Nothing that a women works for, no amount of $ can equal the joy a women feels when they have a baby come to life in front of them.

When they have this little boy or girl to hold, to care for, to love, to be there for, to raise, to nurture, and to be there for their entire lives. After that little miracle of life that came out of your body, you are seriously going to be that irresponsible and negligible to state that you are not going to take care of this baby for the rest of your life? This baby is a part of you, it came out of your body, and now you are going to hand it to the baby sitter and go off to work all happy go lucky? You are selfish my dear, you are avoiding responsibility, you are sharing the burden of creating and raising this baby with people that most definitely do not care about it as much as you love that baby. How could you just dump it to some stranger you interviewed and has a bull shit resume? Turns out they are a coke head and rob all your jewelry, and does not watch the baby at all, great decision there, good thing they have nanny cams now a days.

So what exactly about men and women is equal? We are equal in that we both love to be happy. We are equal in that we are both capable of being intelligent, well rounded, nice human beings, that are willing to care and love each other for all eternity. We are equal in that women have received equal rights in society, but besides the feeling of equality and wishing that it could all be so simple. When looked at this equation intelligently the only logical conclusion is that men and women are not equal.

What do you guys think, I miss any thing? Or I am still just a dick?

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