Monday, January 5, 2009

Kyle Korpi Dancing like Michael Jackson


I was looking through some old movies during the holidays with my family and we came across an instant classic. When I was 4 years old in 1988 Michael Jackson was literally the King of Pop, no wait he was bigger, he was bigger than Jesus Christ to some folks.

To me he was a really cool guy that people loved, and danced cool, so when I was 4 I used to watch the Michael Jackson music videos 24/7 and constantly imitated what Michael was doing in the music video.

Watch these clips of me dancing, what do you think? HA-HA!!

Direct - Kyle Korpi at 4 years old Dancing to Michael Jackson - Beat It

Direct - Kyle Korpi (4 years old) Dances to Michael Jackson - Im Bad - Part1

Direct Link - Kyle Korpi Dancing to Michael Jackson's I'm Bad - Part 2

Direct Link - Kyle Korpi Dancing to Michael Jackson's I'm Bad - Part 3


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Yeah, man, remember when MJ wasn't creepy scary? Yeah? Then you prob feel old like me now...anyway....
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