Saturday, August 9, 2008

Is MIA a Terrorist or a Liberator? Or neither?

I found a really good essay on this and I read all about Maya Arulpragasam, AKA: M.I.A.

MIA and her Terrorist Chic image that she expunges so well to the public media. In reality she is a Liberation fighter against the country, Sri Lanka (Island South of India), that is taking part in a genocide against her people, the Tamil people (click for wiki). She had to flee as a child to England, and her father became a leader in the LTTE, Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (click for wiki). These Liberation fighters are terrorists in that they are randomly bombing and killing people in Sri Lanka, but they are doing it because the people that took over Sri Lanka is hosting a Genocide against her people, The Tamils, hence they had to form a terrorist group to attempt to stop the Genocide of her people.

"The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) is an organisation whose aim is the independence of the Eelam Tamil Nation from Sri Lanka (link). Yet the conflict between the LTTE and the Sri Lankan government has been framed with two narratives. The LTTE's narrative is one of an "armed struggle for political independence as a response to institutionalised racism and violence against the Tamil people by a Sinhala-dominated state" (Nadarajah & Sriskandarajah, 2005, 88) while the government's narrative is one of a violent terrorist group challenging the state's "authority, unity and territorial integrity" (Nadarajah & Sriskandarajah, 2005, 88)."
from the essay -

Now the fucked up part is that MOST of the world powers have agreed with the ruling Sri Lanka party (the Sinhala people) as opposed to her people, the Tamils, and are completely ignoring the fact that a genocide has and is taking place in the country...hence her and her father fled to England to try and have a normal good life, instead of having there family murdered, homes destroyed, and money stolen for government use.

So the long of the short is that she is a terrorist, but she is a terrorist for all the right reasons, and I feel that any one would do the same thing in her position. The other fucked up part is that she can't even admit it, for fear of public persecution and of course the common mis-understanding of the neanderthal man. (Terrorist? KILL HER!) She even got her Visa rejected in 2005, because she is considered by the United States to be a terrorist, and I guess if the LTTE attacks the United States, then I'd say kill her, but as long as the LTTE suicide bomb attacks are focused on the political party in Sri Lanka, then rock on MIA!

What do you think bro?

I think this is very interesting, reminds me of System of a Down in the 90's trying to get the Armenian Genocide recognized by the world, that occurred in The Great War (World War I) in of my other fav. bands.

Update: MIA states she has done her last show.


Anonymous said...

Why did these Sri Lankans with Tamil Ethnic Heritage had to suffer. Saw these content on the Internet?

Lakshman Kadirgamar

Alfred Duraiappah

Neelan Tiruchelvam

Jeyaraj Fernandopulle

Appapillai Amirthalingam

Sarojini Yogeswaran

Vettivelu Yogeswaran


I also saw this article
British MPs 'deceived by LTTE'

Tamil Tiger sympathisers had deceived the British members of parliament says the leader of the Tamil United Liberation Front (TULF)

LTTE seems to host a Genocide against good people of Tamils Ethnic Origin...

"Tamils in the L.T.T.E controlled areas are living like slaves" - V. Anandasangaree
Terrorist's are always terrorist. Ultimately everyone suffers with the evil actions.

List of attacks attributed to the LTTE
This video has been gaining some attention on the Internet lately. The cover version of MIA Paperplanes song, that has been done by American Rapper, who promotes Unity and World Peace, Delon who's parents are originally from Sri Lanka seems to be gaining some publicity
People in the U.K. suffer - Raik ran up a debt with a loan shark linked to guerilla group the Tamil Tigers in his native Sri Lanka, Leicester Crown Court heard
Sri Lankan Tamils living in Canada, the United Kingdom and other Western countries to intimidation, extortion and even violence

A multi ethnic country like Sri Lanka needs unity among all ethnic communities that live in Sri Lanka.

Anonymous said...

The Ambassadors of US, Italy and Germany had been injured earlier along with others, when the Tamil Tiger rebels had fired artillery shells at their helicopters in eastern Sri Lanka's Batticaloa district.

The article states that the Italian ambassador had a head injury and was admitted to the Batticaloa hospital while the US envoy had minor injuries

These Terrorist (LTTE), for the first time, accepted responsibility for the assassination of former Indian prime minister Rajiv Gandhi. Rajiv Gandhi was a great world leader. Everyone suffers with these evil deeds...

Mohamed Taher said...

Hi, Great blog, informative and educating. Where do we get the code for the poll? (I mean the web link that hosts the poll, is it google or pollcode? or some other?)

Anonymous said...

"I guess if the LTTE attacks the United States, then I'd say kill her, but as long as the LTTE suicide bomb attacks are focused on the political party in Sri Lanka, then rock on MIA!"

oh the sri lankans are like shit to us americans....i can't believe that someone would actually write something like that...i'm not saying that MIA is a terrorist, she's obviously misleaded by her so called LTTE dad.
If some artist speaks out in support of Al-kaida or some other group which bombed our developed countries, he/she would definitely be arrested.
when americans bombed afganistan innocent civillians died too....